Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tragedy in Community

Today my heart's been heavy.

Some of us have been celebrating weddings,
50th wedding anniversaries, births of new babies,
and family reunions.
What better things to do in summer.

It's so easy to blog the pleasant things in life.

But how do we deal with tragedy?
One community member is no longer with us.
Today our Province, BC's Daily paper,
covers the detailed story of this mans life.

This man belonged to the farming community.
I am watching the farmers banning together, asking questions,
"Could we of stopped him?"
How could we of intervened?
The location described in the article is our backyard.
It hits close to home....
to close

He was part of our life.
We employed him for several years and
he was always a happy, cheerful man.
He loved his family and loved life.
But then as you can see from the article,
life made some unfortunate twists in his life.

Today I will drive by the site and place some flowers in memory
of this young man who was loved by many.

Please pray for this family as they go through this difficult time.
This will be a time of many questions for all involved.
The community is grieving,
Farmers are grieving,
Families are grieving.

But what about the other man?
He too, was a family man..
Did he have Faith?
What a dilemma.
Only God knows...

The newspaper gives a gloomy picture.
It doesn't describe his life of faith.
The rainbow picture we're looking for is here.

I know that this man had a faith in God.

I will leave you with the familiar poem,

Footprints in the Sand

One night I dreamed of walking along the shores of different lands.
I could tell that You were with me by the footprints in the sand.
As I gazed upon the heavens, I saw pages of my life.
It was then I realized that You remained there by my side.
When the clouds began to gather and the rains came falling down,
I looked to only find one set of footprints on the ground.
I said, "Lord, why did You leave me in the troubled times of life?
I believed that You would always walk beside me day and night." (Then I heard:)
"My precious child, I'd never leave you.
I have carved you on the hollow of My hand.
It's then I carried you in My arms,
When you see one set of footprints in the sand"
Dear Lord, will You be with me as I travel through the years?
Will You be there in the struggles? Will You wipe away the tears?
As my eyes turn toward the ocean and the shores of distant lands,
I'm still thinking of the single set of footprints in the sand. (I heard Him say:)
"My precious child, I'd never leave you.
I have carved you on the hollow of My hand.
It's then I carried you in My arms,
When you see one set of footprints in the sand."
Will I hear the angels singing, as my life comes to an end.
Oh Lord, I long to see You. Will You be there once again?
My eyes turn toward the heavens, along the path of foreign lands,
Once more, I'm thinking of the set of footprints in the sand. (Jesus said:)
"My precious child, I'd never leave you.
See your name carved on the hollow of My hand.
I'm here to carry you to your home.
You will see one set of footprints in the sand.


  1. How very, very sad Marg! Both for a man who felt no hope and the poor innocent man he killed. We have to trust in God's plan.

  2. Oh it made me sick to read this. How incredibly tragic. I can well imagine your heavy heart and of course the questions. . I had questions reading the report and I don't even know this man.
    Only God knows what is in our hearts and minds. . we never really know what someone else is thinking.
    How sad Marg.

  3. Oh, how incredibly tragic. My heart is just breaking. This is so sad - a crushing example of life and humanity. I will definitely pray for all those touched by this tragedy, and for the community.

  4. Marg ~ please take comfort in knowing that you and your community are in our thoughts and prayers. What a tragedy. It certainly makes one pause and reflect. Take care of yourself.

  5. Marg, this is so very sad! I'm so sorry for the families!

  6. We have thought often of this tragedy today...we also knew the man involved. Our hearts go out to all whose lives are impacted...all the families involved.

  7. I'm very sorry for everyone involved - tragedies like these affect everyone in the community. I'll be remembering you all in prayer.

  8. oh how my heart grieves for the families of both these men. to be in such turmoil must be a living hell...and to die as an innocent person is hard to grasp the purpose and meaning behind it all. my prayers go out to both these families!

  9. Of course you can share the poem. I wish there was something I could do to help, but I am praying.


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