Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Signing Off

I want to take time to thank all of my blogging friends.
You have inspired and motivated me.
I have loved reading your journals,
the challenges, the victories, and the celebrations.
I have seen many common threads being woven together.

Many times I spend more time Thinking rather than Doing.
So with that, I will be closing my chapter on blogging.
I will continue visiting your blogs with enthusiasm.

I leave you with this bouquet of flowers
thanking you for sharing life with me.

So long,



  1. MARG !!!
    Really? I'll miss your posts. .
    I'll miss your adventure for life, you were the physically fit one in the group. . off on mountain hikes. . perhaps that is what you miss . . being outdoors.
    I completely understand that blogging takes time away from other things so I do understand you signing off .. but I will miss you. . please do visit.

  2. WHAT??? Oh no! I'll miss your posts! I was really looking forward to hearing more about your hiking and biking trips. Like Lovella, I do understand how much time bloggin takes and if you are busy with other activities (like grandparenting!) something has to give. But. I'll miss you!

    Please stop by my blog and comment! And you know my email.

  3. Marg, besides enjoying your blogs very much, I also have been loving the music on your site. I'll have it playing while I sit here at my desk and pay bill, etc. Will that still be possible? Best of luck as you continue with all the things you love doing. Dairymary

  4. I am shocked and dismayed as your blogging has always been a highlight in our household. We have felt that we have come to know you better, and love you more. We will truly miss you in this realm. However, we wish you new adventures and happiness in whatever comes next ...F&E

  5. Well. When I read the title of your post 'Signing Off' - I didn't want to read any further. But...I do understand. Blogging can be rather addictive -and I have to work to keep things in perspective. I have enjoyed my blogging friendship with you - and I wish you well! Take care.

  6. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. Blessings on you with your decision to stop blogging. I'm a regular reader of Lovella's blog and of the Mennonite Girls. I think I gain weight just reading those recipes! :0)
    May God's face shine upon you...

  7. Well, I guess that means we'll have to go for more walks...or meet over a cup of coffee a little more often...because I still want to hear all about your adventures.

    Here's my suggestion...just leave your blog out there and give us an update a few times a year!

  8. Wow - just when I stopped back by! I hope that you get to DO a lot of things, though!

    I do understand the time it takes and am working on balancing it myself.

    Have a blessed non-blogging season.

  9. We'll miss you and your mountain pictures.

  10. Marg!!! looks like all of us are beggin you to stay. i personally have enjoyed your blog and found you an inspiration. slow down if you must, but please indulge us every once in a while..=}.
    please keep in touch with peeking into our blogs. all the best with the rest of your life!

  11. I concur with all the readers and those who have posted today. We shall miss you....I do understand though. blogging can take a lot of time as well as energy. Go private....and journal? Its an idea. At any rate Marg....keep popping in for visits....otherwise we shall miss you toooooooo much.

  12. Thank-you ladies for your comments, and I will keep you posted occasionally to make sure you all know how my projects are going.
    I have been thinking/doing about things and who knows.
    I'll enjoy stopping by for now.

  13. Marg, I so understand that blogging takes alot of time. That is why I haven't started one, because I woundn't do it justice and I would also leave alot undone that needs doing. MGCC is perfect for me to blog on. I have so enjoyed getting to know you abit through blogging. I will still honk when I drive by and maybe I will catch you waving out the front window or sitting on you new fence. Or knowing you, maybe walking it like an acrobatic on a tight rope. Your walk for breast cancer really put a 'bug' in me to participate, so maybe one year I will be in that crowd of participants all because of your inspiration. Take care. Kathy

  14. I completely understand, but I will miss you. I like Judy's idea about leaving your blog open for occasional updates.

    Enjoy life.

  15. Marg - This reminds me of a song from "Oklahoma"..."With me it's all or nothin', is it all or nothin' with you? It can be now and then...."

    Shucks..I was enjoying your active life and intersting posts.

    I do fall into the more thinking than doing, now and again.

    Good luck with your doing. But don't forget about being.


  16. Hi Marg, although I haven't been visiting your blog, I just found out that you are signing off . . . it must be as difficult a decison as starting to blog Probably more so ... so I'm with you. I'm glad for the connection we can still have on the MGCC

  17. Marg, I completely understand too. Blogging can take up so much time sometimes.

    I will look forward to seeing some updates from you here, from time to time, and I hope you'll continue to visit me from time to time too!


    Hugs, Pat


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