Thursday, August 21, 2008

One Step at a Time!

Remember last Monday, I told you I was going to the top?
Some of you might be wondering whether we ever made it?
Friends from Alberta and Ontario joined us for this day.
Eight of us jumped into the old 4x4 farm pickup.
That's what you need to maneuver this terrain for 1 hour.
Some of us were nestled in the back with cushions, foams, bodies and dogs.

The driver is a young farmer's daughter who has the experience
of driving up this steep terrain and knows exactly how to handle all those
steep washouts in the rough gravel road.
You can tell she's done this before.

It was us adults who had anxious moments.

Can you see the top way out in the distance?
I think someone needs some first aid already.

We all know the distance and the destination.
Some are beginners, others are veterans.
I think I'm in my twilight years.

I have travelled this road many times with my family.
But never have I ever seen such beautiful alpine meadows.
We usually trek in late September when the black flies are gone.
But this time, there were no black flies and the scenery was
beyond my greatest dreams.
I visited the Alps back in Europe in May,
but this was far superior than any Alps I've ever seen.

Stopping to take a breath taking view from where we have come.
We know what lies ahead.

Some decide to stay back....

"Will we ever get there, Suz?"
It's beginning to look hopeless.
Two university buddies taking their parents on adventures.

"One Step at a Time," I tell myself.
This is a 9km hike, and it's beginning to look rugged and steep.
There are sheer drops near the top.
"Take care up there!"
I think my photographer knows more about taking pictures
that illustrate the depth and nature of this hike.
Cheam is 9.5 KM round trip,
High point is 2112 m (6929 ft)
Elevation gain 665 m (2175 ft).

Aha, it's cloudy on top.
There's a mist.
It's cold.
And it's steep.
It's eerie.

But for 30 seconds, the sky breaks and we can spot the top.
Who can race to the top and get their picture taken in the clear sky?
Not one of us...

Sitting at the top!
I think there's a bit of blue sky.

Another Olympic Star

Sadly to say, this mountain must of taken one young man's life.
Nature's forces can leave us tragically wounded.
We send out prayers for the family.
It's very quiet.

We started heading down again and what do we see?
The mountain that was shrouded in clouds
can now be seen in the distance.

Yea Team!
You are all Olympic Heroes from Canada.

Oh, I forgot one more Hero!

He is always outstanding in his field!
When we got home that man of mine
prepared a feast for all of us!


  1. Great hike...beautiful pic's...wish I was there!

    My sister and family hiked Mt. Cheam last weekend as well...also had beautiful wild flower pic's.

    I can't even see Mt. Cheam out my window this morning...not a good day for hiking.

  2. What beautiful pictures of your hike. Especially the one where you look SO daring! Good going! Dairymary

  3. FUN and scary all at the same time, you wouldn't catch me on that rock thingy on the side of the mountain you were on...the truth is out, I am a CHICKEN and not too fond of heights.....yikes.
    really beautiful pistures though, sounds like a very good thing to do.

  4. looks like the dog beat you to the top.

    I must admit, considering the average age group of the trip, our group was the first ones to reach the peak that day. Guess that means Drift gets Gold, I get silver... and Mom gets bronze. not bad for 55!

  5. Fabulous photos! Unbelievable how brave and strong you are to do that --congratulations!

  6. Hip! Hip! Hooray! This just as good as an Olympic gold. We all have our own feats! Congratulations!

  7. WOW! Breathtaking - to say the least. I actually got a bit dizzy when I saw the picture of you climbing that steep part. You have earned a 'Gold' from your friend across the continent! :)

  8. I did that hike along time ago and think about the view from the top often as I gaze up at Cheam from our home. Congratulations on making it to the top - the only reason I made it to the top back then was meeting an 85 year old man coming down. I figured if he could do it so could I. I don't think I could do it now though!
    Way to go Marg.

  9. By the way - did you see the SNOW!! on Cheam yesterday morning? I'm not ready to see summer leave just yet!!


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