Monday, August 18, 2008

Improving with Age Like Fine Wine

Marathon runners, like fine wines,
usually improve with age and
Romania's new Olympic champion
Constantina Tomescu has proved the point.

The 38-year-old became the oldest Olympic women's marathon winner
by eight years and believes her age worked to her advantage.

American, Dara Torres again proved age (41)
is no obstacle in the Olympic pool,
winning a silver medal in the 50-meter freestyle.

Doesn't this inspire you?
I love watching the Olympics and learning more about their stories.

Thanks Judy, for your extra info on Carol Huyhn's life.
Her parents were Vietnamese boat people,
who arrived on British Columbia's shores in the seventies...
and were sponsored by the United church of Hazelton.
She grew up learning the value of hard work. Great story!

So, as you can see we have some Olympic stars,
but let me share with you another star.

This young girl is one powerful marathon runner.
She is the mother of both of my grandchildren.
She is my daughter-in-law.
She is inspirational!
She is an achiever!
She is motivated!
She inspires me!

She is currently training for the Victoria Marathon in October.

While she is training, she often asks me to join her
in her slow days, either walking or cycling.
This weekend it was cycling.
I need to work hard to keep up to her.
It's a great time to share about life.

The weather was hot and muggy.
Somewhere around 34 degrees.

By the time we got home, we were both
hot and sweaty and the invitation to jumping on the
tramp with Levi, intrigued both of us.
I can tell you, that it didn't take much persuasion
to get both of us soaked.

Lora, is enthused about her up-coming marathon and
is quick to announce that the Distance and Destination are the same.
"How long it takes to get their doesn't really matter," she says.
"The rewards and accomplishments are the same."

Not only her passion for running,
but her words inspire me.
Those words are so fitting for life, regardless of our goals.


  1. Marg, I just smiled when I read the things you wrote about your daughter-in-law. You are both so blessed to have those feelings.

    My mother-in-law didn't like before she even met me. That kind of relationship can be so hurtful.

  2. It is great that you and your DIL do things together! What a relationship. Your photo looks like fun, almost wish I did not give our tramp away to the grandkids (but it gets lots of use). Check comment on Aug. 14 for plow results. Dairymary

  3. An inspiring post all around, Marg!

    And now I'm off to check the results of the plowing match in Europe.

  4. Okay. I am going to back away from my computer and go dust off my walking shoes! You and your daughter-in-law are both an inspiration to me! I love how you understand the importance of family and friends! Take care.

  5. An update on the plowing match from Dairymary...
    Just to let anyone interested know, that Francis came 22nd in the match(which is about the spot that Canada usually sits in these contests, I've been told). He will be home Tuesday until Sunday then will fly to Ontario with the Junior contestants, and his Uncle and Aunt, for the Canadian contest, where he will meet his older brother, who is driving there with tractors and plows on a truck and trailer, where they will both compete at the end of the month. I am praying for a safe trip for them all especially for P's road trip! Dairymary

    August 18, 2008

  6. the way you speak of your daughter by love made me think she was your daughter. it would be a privelage to be a mother by love like you. wonderful that you can enjoy these things together and support her.
    buns were yummy..all gone, time for more!

  7. Good for your daughter in law - I admire her determination.

    I have 2 sweet DILs and my only wish is that they lived closer so that we could spend more time together.


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