Thursday, August 14, 2008

Community Shines Again

Way back when I took a bicycle trip through Austria,
through the district of Melk to Krems,
I touched the soil, knowing that this young lad, Francis
would be competing in the next few days.
Click on the world contest,
also the gallery to see photos of Grafenegg,
where they will be ploughing.

No, this is not the BEIJING Olympics.

There will be about 60 competitors from 30 countries.
Each country has to send one with a rollover (reversible) plough,
and must also send a conventional plough.
The actual competition is on Friday and Saturday, Aug 15 and 16.
There is lots of preparation and practice beforehand, and camaraderie.

Last Sunday, Mary, known as Dairymary dropped in for a visit.
She brought her daughter and two grandsons.
Our children had gone to school together for many years.
Many memories and friendships were made during those years.

I said, "Mary, lets jump with our grandkids on the tramp."

And how little did we really know,
if we could still jump and keep our balance.
Here we are, two grandmothers/Oma"s, friends from way back,
jumping on the trampoline and teaching our children
"Ring around the Rosie, pockets full of posies."
"Husha, Husha, We all fall down."
What fun talking about memories..

Best wishes to you Dairymary as you anxiously wait
to hear the news from Francis's resilts at the
World's Ploughing Match held in Austria.

The community is cheering for you.
We know you'll have a medal in your heart.


  1. Two oma's bouncing on the trampoline. Good for you. It looks like so much fun.

  2. I was just imagining my grandmother jumping on a trampoline...I'm afraid my imagination is not that good! What fun.

    And I'll be waiting to hear how Dairy Mary's special competitor fares!

  3. What fun...I'm afraid things wouldn't stop bouncing once I Good luck to your friends in his competition.

  4. It is so nice to see you all smiling and having fun together! Your grandkids will remember days like that. What a great way to also exercise - better than the old treadmill which I find boring. I am rooting for your friends in the ploughing competition. Take care.

  5. That looks like so much fun Marg!
    Good luck to your friends in the ploughing competition!

  6. Oh, I have known people who participated in these ploughing contests! I spent my childhood in a tiny farming community. Good luck to your friend! :-)

    I will have to come back and read about your ride through Austria. This is my third year here, and there's so much I want to see.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

  7. Thanks for the fun evening Marg. I was glad to meet Dairy Mary as I ws leaving. There were so many connections tonight, what a small world we live in. Loved the trampoline pics. Building more memories for yourselves and the next generation. All the best in the ploughing match. Kathy ps no camera tonight? Can't believe it.

  8. Marg, that was such fun on Sunday! We really enjoyed having our grandsons and their parents here for a week. We are still awaiting word from Austria. Dairymary

  9. And it was a nice time with friends last night, also good to meet Kathy, and your daughters, after such a long time! Thanks for all. Dairymary

  10. Marg,
    It was great to see your family that day and catch up with you. Your grandsons are precious and I am so glad that all of you are doing well. Thanks for having us over to visit and re-unite with each other. Hopefully it won't be so ong until we see each other again.

  11. Just to let anyone interested know, that Francis came 22nd in the match(which is about the spot that Canada usually sits in these contests, I've been told). He will be home Tuesday until Sunday then will fly to Ontario with the Junior contestants, and his Uncle and Aunt, for the Canadian contest, where he will meet his older brother, who is driving there with tractors and plows on a truck and trailer, where they will both compete at the end of the month. I am praying for a safe trip for them all especially for P's road trip! Dairymary


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