Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Clouds are Lifting.

If you look in the distance,
you'll see the clouds are lifting.

I've been waiting for this day.
I hope the sun breaks through and
we'll have a glorious
view from on top.
I'm always intrigued by those mountains?
I will be taking a hike up there today...
over the rolling ridges winding to the
highest snow-capped peak.
(Mind you the snow is gone)

This is a close-up of Mount Cheam.
I see this view every day.
See you tomorrow.
And I'm off!!!


  1. How absolutely glorious, and how blessed you are to have this view. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  2. And every day your breath must be taken away! I think all of your clouds came our way but we are still smiling :) Enjoy the day.

  3. That view is your backyard?! How beautiful. Have fun climbing that tomorrow. Oh to be that fit!

  4. What a gorgeous view - I'm looking forward to seeing pictures closer up. Enjoy your climb and be careful!

  5. went without me? I haven't been up there in years...but would love to stand on that peak once again.

    I'll be back to see how your adventure went!


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