Saturday, August 16, 2008

Canada's First Gold

Carol Huyhn takes our First Gold!!
Yea Canada!!
We're on a roll!!

Carol Huynh (Canada) sheds tears
during the playing of the Canadian national anthem
after defeating Chiharu Icho (Japan)
to win the gold medal in the Women's Freestyle 48 kg.
Wrestling competition at the Beijing Olympic Games August 16, 2008.

Yea Canada!


  1. so happy for her, what an accomplishment!
    marg, i checked an earlier post about you making buns and the pastor coming over. it was just the right thing for me to read, yesterday was that kind of day that nothing that i had planned worked out and the kitchen was, well in my eyes less than presentable and low and behold in the afternoon some wonderful folks popped by and in the evening a wonderful family scooted by to say pretenses, just genuine hospitality even with a messy kitchen...i'll be baking buns today, we'll see who stops by today, maybe they will help me with the dishes...;-)

  2. Good for her. She deserved the glory.

  3. And this IS what the Olympics are all about ~ pride, hard work, dedication, tears of joy and respect. Congrats to Carol Huyhn and to Canada on winning the Gold!

  4. Yay for us!!! Well, mostly for Carol Huyn...but when it comes to Olympics, we take ownership as well.

    Glad you posted this Marg.

  5. Congratulations for the Gold to Canada. The Amish buns look delicious.

  6. Marg, I just read Carol Huyhn's life story...and what an amazing story it is! Her parents were Vietnamese boat people who arrived on British Columbia's shores in the seventies...and were sponsored by the United church of Hazelton. She grew up learning the value of hard work. Great story!


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