Friday, July 11, 2008

The Week to End Breast Cancer

It was exactly 3 years ago when a group of us decided to make a difference.
The Weekend to End Breast Cancer 2005.
We would train to walk 60km in two days.
The training started early in March.
We had a great accountability team.
We spent hours walking together on the weekends

Most of us know people who are survivors of breast cancer.
Some of us also know people that did not survive.

We each had to raise $2000 to enter the walk.
Hours were spent fund raising, finding support, and training.

This has been the most emotional experience for me.
We could not run, but only walk.
This was about celebrating life.
We walked with all kinds of people.
Those that had pink lanyards were survivors
and those with blue lanyards were participants raising support.

It was a time of meeting many people.
Your heart just ached when someone
passed you wearing a pink lanyard.
We always said a prayer for them.

But the optimism in their lives was so inspirational.

I didn't expect my husband to be in the crowd as he reached
out to congratulate me for enduring this challenge.
I cried and cried and cried.
I don't sob very often, but this was the kind of experience
that hit home, because we truly need to celebrate life.

Here is our wonderful team from our local community.
Some of us are moms and daughters.
But together we made a difference.
Some of us are friends.
We bonded as a team.
We grew blisters together.
We cried as a team.
We massaged each others feet.
We supported a worthwhile cause
and felt like we could give back to our community.

We all believe that with every dollar we raise,
every person will get a second chance to life.

Be a part of changing your world.
With every step we take,
We are on the Road to Victory.


  1. I am so proud of you being a part of this extremely worthy cause. I know so many people who are and my spirit goes out to all of you even tho I am not an active participant. What a huge emotionally rewarding well as otherwise one trusts.

  2. Marg, what an inspriring post. Are you wearing pink in that picture?
    This is something I may cosider since my sil is a survivor and still regaining her health.

    How incredible to be part of the beginning of this now huge event.

  3. Lovella, I was not wearing a pink lanyard. We had pink t-shirts from a women's retail store here in town, called AIMEE B. She was a coporate sponsor.

  4. What a wonderful post, Marg! We all know someone who has (or had) breast cancer...and how meaningful to take part in an event like this that can actually make a difference.

  5. Last year I walked in the 60 mile Susan G. Komen Walk to fight Breast Cancer in Boston. It was a 3 day event - 20 miles per day. It was one of the most powerful events I had ever participated in - talk about emotional! Your words echoed my feelings. I walked with 5 friends -our team name was 'Melons with Moxie' :) I am planning on walking next year - want to join me?

  6. AnonymousJuly 11, 2008

    We share so many common bonds in life. Fortunately many of those are joyful. But, thank God we can choose to come together to work through the painful bonds.

    My daily prayer is that a cure for all cancers will be found. Cancer is a difficult foe. I thank you for your determination and endurance to make life better.

    I have a co-worker that participates in the walk each year in Boston.

  7. This is so wonderful Marg! I wish I could walk like this also but I have arthritis in my knees and my doctor told me "no" to long distance hikes. So I support my friends who do the walk, and cheer them on. It does make a difference!

    Brava and kudos to you dear friend!

  8. Hurray for you! Your post brought tears to my eyes. For several years The Prof. and I were members of the relay walking team and walked Portland to Coast Relay 3 times and the Willamette Valley Relay twice. We were sad when the team disbanded when we lost too many members to injuries. One year we walked for American Cancer Society in memory of our mothers who both died of cancer.

  9. AnonymousJuly 13, 2008

    Wonderful memories well stated my friend! It was a memory I will always treasure...thanks for bringing it back!


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