Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Nu Look

The project continues.
The morning starts early and out come those electronic lasers.
Again, I'm the type that would eyeball everything,
but now I know why my husband has hired this crew to build all our barns.
They are all perfectionists like himself.

Oh No!
Owen, do you think you can reach on your tippy toes?
Everybody is painting!
360 boards in total (2x6) need painting, both sides
and not only once, but twice.
And not only the flat sides but the edges.

The crew had only one more day to work on this project.
How would we ever get this completed?

Monday night saw us eating Pizza for supper at 5:30.
By 7:00 pm, I totally lost it.
Guess what, I'm not 29 any more, like I was way... back.

Somebody obviously grabbed my camera.
Yes, I'm on my knees at 8:30pm, still painting, trying to finish up.
My project boss is finally inspecting my work as you can see.
"You can't stop now, Marg"

It's funny when you loose it, and someone catches you on
your knees and snatches the church in the background.
I needed more than prayer by now......

Drum roll!
The boards are all on!
And look who's standing with his level.
I started calling him names like John German..

But Oh, these cute family cousins.
They just keep making me laugh.
They were having fun, catching field mouses and scaring me.

There will be memories stored in the lives of young and old!
Drive by, have a look, check it out.
Bring your levels.

The coffee is on!!
I'm beginning to think that I need a NU Look
in order to keep up with the demands of this whole crew.
Project Finished!!! Yea!


  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2008

    You have been having flurries of activity around your place. Send some of those guys down here when they finish. I would like a new look, too.

  2. looks like a good work crew you have going there....and the good old 'threshing days'...what are you going to cook up for them...?

  3. I also tend to 'eyeball' everything which is why my rows of veggies are zigzags. As I read your post I thought about Robert Frost's poem - 'Good Fences make good neighbors' but in your case I think good friends make good fences! Hope you can relax soon.

  4. OH my goodness, you are such a hard worker, I'm so impressed at how quickly the project got done. It looks wonderful. I'm thinking you need to sit a spell and enjoy the view. . with those cute babies of course.

  5. You go, girl! The fences are going to look great!

    Posting photos about our trips helps us remember them, don't you think? I love looking at each picture, remembering where we were, what we said. And I get to share them with others! It's better than an album!

  6. The fence looks great Marg! Now I hope you can sit back relax a little and enjoy it.

    That last photo of the boys was too cute!

  7. AnonymousJuly 17, 2008

    I did drive by and it looks fantastic! I promise to stop by one of these days to just say hi. Maybe stand by the road side a wave me down. I'm the one in the orange sports car or big white truck. Maybe I should start honking every time I go by and then you will know it is me when I pull in. If I pedal over you will hear the bell on my bkie. Oh I hope you are the one at home if I do that. Such a silly fun gadget on my ride. Kathy


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