Friday, August 1, 2008

Mennonite Girls Can Golf

Some of you have been checking by on our
Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog.
There are some great recipes that have been handed
down from generations to generations.
Cooking is one thing that most of us love.

But the following weekend let us to know that
these women, not only cook, they also golf.

"Where did you say it went? I can't see it? Should I be hollering FOUR?"

We have had an annual golfing tournament for 32 years.
Most of us are still from the original crowd.
Two couples have taken the time and energy to
host this annual event and organize the most fantastic BBQ.
We are grateful to them for sharing there lovely back yard.
While some of the youngsters are swimming in the pool,
others can see the horses peering around the corners checking us all out.
Talking about horses!

Very quickly these events let us know
that the women and men prefer to visit with their own gender.
You'll hear the men talking from everything under the sun.

The women love to sit in smaller circles, they like more intimacy.
We talk about the new salads we made.
Oh, yes we find out who the new Grannies will be.
We talk about our grandkids, the company,
the business of summer, canning and cooking and
you know how it goes.
We talk about good old plain stuff.
I remember way back when my parents separated in groups,
thinking I would never do that.
Never say Never!

While we are all awaiting the final scores,
the organizers are busy tallying the scores based on a handicap
that none of us will ever know.
The hidden Formula has yet been revealed.

Krazy Koffee!
This year I learned something brand new in the ladies group.
Who is Krazy Koffee?
(Please bear in mind that not all the facts are absolutely correct.)
By the way this picture above is not Krazy Koffee.
We have a real born winner in our crowd.
Congratulations to the Owners.


Off to do the routine things that one does,
when company arrives.
Cooking, Baking and Cleaning!!
We're celebrating a 50th wedding celebration this weekend.


  1. I like this post, Marg! Friendships that have withstood the test of time...and a golf tournament that just keeps on going on. I have yet to golf...other than min-golf or Tap-ins!

    And what an interesting story about our local race horse winning big...congrats to Butch!

  2. One of my friends Betti was at the race and they had a fabulous time celebrating the big win. There is something special about long time friends. I recognize afew in your circles. I too remember the divided circles and now I join the appropriate group and enjoy every minute of it. I'm sure our kids will follow this pattern too:) Never say never.

  3. Oh fun times!!!
    I've never learned to golf. . yet .. oh and the horse race . how exciting.
    I love clicking on pictures to see who I can recognize. .

  4. And a good time was had by all!!! New "grannies-to-be!" and all!

  5. What a wonderful event. It is so nice that so many of you have been lifelong friends.

  6. what a wonderful time you all had, life long friendships, there is much to be said about that, all the sharing and laughing is good for the soul. have a great weekend

  7. Our family played mini-golf yesterday and I came in third - we are a competitive family ;)

    I hope to learn to play 'real' golf someday. I never thought I would enjoy it - it always seemed rather slow moving might be the sport for me now.
    Sounds as if you and your friends had a great time together. Have fun celebrating!

  8. You Mennonite girls really do need to keep active what with all that cooking going on! Good on you for hitting the links.

    I just wish you Mennonite gals would go back to wearing the cute Mennonite little lace bonnets sometimes. Wouldn't that be a hoot on the golf course?


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