Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have Dog Will Travel

Doesn't this look like something from the 70's?
I think that when I went on my honeymoon,
I had something very similar.

This is one Dog Story.
I love to babysit my grandkids.
But last week I was asked by my daughter
if would consider keeping her dog, Drift for two weeks.

Well, how can you say NO!
"BUT NOT IN THE HOUSE!" I exclaimed.
"We have big open spaces for this dog to run around."

She not only brought the dog,
but a suitcase filled with his snacks,
registration papers, daytimer giving strict instructions,
manicure scissors, and black plastic baggies.

No dog of mine has ever had a suitcase filled with toys.
They got left over scraps from the table.

Even a Teddy Bear?
Every morning I need to line up his toys in his food dish.
And make sure he has his teddy at night time.....

But then she suggested I could take him on little outings.
Like maybe to the Dog Park, Tea Pot Mountain,
Jade Bay swimming...
I don't think so....He has one big outing at my house.

These are the kind of dogs I like, as I tempt little Silas to craw.
When our dog passed away one and half years ago,
my husband found the best replacement.
Three Wonderful Huskies.
They don't dirty my outside windows.
They don't slobber food and water all over the place.
They don't shed hair and jump up on everyone.
And they don't mess!

Yes, he is finding a heart in all of us....
Yea Drift!
I'm beginning to think that maybe we could have joint custody.


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2008

    Those dogs! They just wheedle their way into our hearts, don't they?!

    Don't feel bad. I'm a dog softie, too.

  2. So funny, Marg! I rather like my neat and tidy 'library' dog...but sometimes it's nice to have a dog with a that slobbers and jumps up...maybe just for a day or two, though. Have a fun time...hiking and swimming and going to the doggie park!

  3. Oh He is so cute. . and the pup is too.
    It's quite funny babysitting grand dogs. . I feel somewhat defensive of mine .. and it is a dog. . little and crazy but still part of the family.
    Oh. . the crawling has begun.. . no more sitting for this grammie.

  4. was good of you to dog sit! I'm more of a cat lover as they take care of themselves once fed ;-)

  5. Your daughter is SUCH a good doggie mommie. You must be so proud of raising such a nurturing soul.

    I was hoping the title "Have Dog will travel" was going to give me tips of traveling with pets. Our two boys are in for a BIG surprise: a plane trip as carry on luggage.

    They WILL be drugged....and they can each bring along ONE toy.

  6. cute dog marg, we live in the city so no dog for us.....or babysitting one either. i was attacked by a dog when i was a kid, so i am always a little leary of them, but he is adorable.
    thanks for your comment marg, i know it is hard to believe that God's timing is perfect, but journey on... one brick at a time.

  7. What a fun babsitting job! I have to admit that after my dd took the cat when she got married, I didn't really want another cat. No cat boxes, no water dishes. I like the IDEA of having a cat, just not having a cat.

    We didn't feel the earthquake because we were in the car driving south to San Diego. The Professor went home today and reported that nothing seemed out of place at home, nothing on the floor, no crooked picture frames. Evidently people in Camarillo did feel the shake, though.

  8. AnonymousJuly 31, 2008

    Awww! What a cute-looking dog. Drift is lucky you were able to care for him. I recently had surgery and my mom has been helping to care for my two dogs. You moms are the best. ;-)


  9. What a sweet least he looks sweet...:) I just read the book Marley and Me. It clearly points out the issues that arise with an indoor dog. I like them outside but only because of saving the house! :) It is so cute to see all the toys, rubber peanut butter holder and how important it is to line them up! It all makes me smile!! Thanks!

  10. He's cute - my Sophie would like to run around your property with him.

  11. sell him to me cheap. . unless your daughter reads my blog. . our plan will work. .
    oh just kidding. I was thinking about his luggage and I smiled and felt sad that I sent my perfectly good set of Samsonite to MCC. I still have the makeup case. .at least I have a small memento of my going away grad gift. It makes me crazy when I think of the things I've discarded only to want them back .. someone probably was quite proud of their find.


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