Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grown Daughters

We've made a trail.

There are those times when I thought,
"Will they ever move out?"
And now I sit and think,
"I can't wait till they come home again."

These girls were basically born in the forests.
They were infants and we were taking them camping
to Manning Park, a beautiful provincial park in BC.
I dragged them around the trails.
Guess who's dragging me now?

Last weekend I felt so excited when they invited me
to hike up Mount Frosty, in Manning Park.
Unfortunately I could not participate because
I ate something that was ripping me apart.

Those youthful legs carried these young gals
up to the steepest point at 7900 feet.
The hike is 22km round trip and takes about 7 hours.
The view as you can see is breath taking.

Of course there best travelling friend,
Drift also posed at the peak.


A few weeks ago,
we spent some time at Whistler with two girls.
They were off hiking
while I enjoyed the cycling paths with J.

We had made arrangements to eat at the Mongolian Grill.
So I'm sitting there and waiting.
Punctuality is important.

I looked across the restaurant out the window
and guess who's sitting next door
sipping on their drinks?

Candid Camera, I caught you both!
Is that a smile of guilt or confidence?

The sky's the limit Girls!
This week they are off to Colorado and Arizona
with friends, climbing the Grand Canyon.
I can't wait to post those pictures.

Last week, one of them commented and said,
"It's time you hike, Mom, so you have
something fresh on your blog."
(Not just the grandkids.)

I'm thankful to my grown daughters for their
love, compassion, and ability to reach out.
I would never of known that
through our different generational influences,
we could continue to share dreams
of finding ourselves through connections to each other.

Have a wonderful trip.


  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2008

    jeepers. this is what you get when you leave your pictures on moms computer for a minute.

    Thanks mom:)

  2. Oh Marg, you are incredibly blessed. I'm so sorry you missed the big hike to Mt Frosty. . but you'll get to go again I'm sure. I'm always amazed at how each time in our life has blessings and having daughters that enjoy each other is just huge.

  3. The view looks incredible! I can't do that kind of thing (heart not tummy) but I admire those who do!

  4. Oh my...I'd have been making up stories about my tummy to avoid too strenuous a hike. There was a time though....

    Love the your dog! And by the way, you are right Marg. Cooking/baking...that is my escape. In a world where I have to tear apart design all is nice to create something! AND...of course...we DO love to 'serve' food! That is simply what and who I am.! Take care....

  5. Looks like a crisp and refreshing place! Lovely blue sky and snowy peaks! It so great that kids grow up and remain our friends.

  6. AnonymousJuly 24, 2008

    I think it is a worthwhile goal to learn from our children. They have so much to teach us. It's those young minds that keep us on our toes.

  7. I hope you are feeling better. I think it is so much fun ~ most of the time ~ to watch the paths that our children decide to go down. I totally enjoy the friendships I have now with my grown children. I would love to attempt that hike. Not sure I could make it but I would give it my best shot! Happy trails!

  8. Sorry you missed out on that hike, Marg. Why have I never heard of Mt. Frosty? I don't think my daughter will be up to checking it out just now...our big hikes are more like Mt. Thom!

    Did you find any raspberries while I was away?

    Maybe I'll do a drive-by to check out your finished project today!

  9. marg, sounds like you have a great relationship with your daughters, and a young spirit to keep up with them, what a blessing......

  10. Really nice post Marg! Your daughters are lovely young ladies!

    I have one grown daughter and we get along great! I cherish our times together always.

    Hugs, Pat


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