Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We've Finally Met

The day started off with a Bang.
The lawns needed cutting and the house needed cleaning.
It won't take long now and a special guest will be arriving.
A guest that I had never met.
And there she is "My dear friend Lovella, who has been an
to me through her blogging world.

But here sits the Queen of Blog land in her skirt on the ground trying to take photo's.

She realized she forgot her battery!!!

So be it!
It wasn't difficult to find others to help take pictures.

It was exactly a year ago when someone encouraged me to look
at Lovella's blog and I loved it from the beginning.

After playing Peak a Boo in each other's homes,
we drove up to Judy's house, where she showed us her lovely new home.

Our intentions were to enjoy a walk,
but quite quickly we realized we had too much to catch up.

We drove up to the Wildcat Grill, only to sit down and visit.
We talked about everything under the sun.
Sometimes as you can see, the mood was quite serious.
Take note, we only drank water & coffee,
but why is Judy lifting a fork into her mouth?

Judy and I have known each other through high school,
but only reconnected a year ago through blogland,
and now we love to walk and sip on Starbucks.

On our little tour, we found a farmer standing out in his field,
so we asked him to take a few pictures.
He was more than willing.
We wanted to give you a sense of country.
So we crept carefully into the high grasses,

A snake slithered away from us, just long enough to take some shots.


Screams could be heard all over the neighborhood.

And as we calmed down,
we realized that we not only made new friendships,
but we also made some worthwhile memories.

Back to Judy's Front Porch where we ended our day on her new swings.
Always look for the moments and make the best of them.

Seeing we have a Mennonite Cookbook on the way,
We thought that maybe we should start a Travel Blog.
Anyone out there wanting to organize a travel tour?


  1. Marg, I love your music. It's perfect. I felt a little teary reading your post. .Music is a powerful emotional tugger for me. Oh how funny about the battery. I was going to mention this in my post but figured I'd let one of you have the story .. I'm glad I did.
    Thank you so much for your take on the outing. I loved the day .. even the snake and us screaming was great. Typical girls. . .that's what we are.

  2. I'm smiling as I read this...what fun we had! But it was more than fun...we actually talked about things that matter in life. And thanks to you both for taking my swing for a ride!

    I like your music, Marg!

  3. I am SO glad to see that snake picture. Lovella told me that you all didn't have any snakes in your area. Ha!
    We frequently have slithery snakes show up when taking walks around here...and I was afraid no one would come walk with me because of them.

    Great blog post, and happy new membership in the RLFOL club (real life friend of Lovella meeting because of blogging.) I think I am the charter member of that tribe!

  4. AnonymousJune 24, 2008

    You girls look like you had a perfect time together.

    Ooh, to the snake. I don't like snakes.

  5. That looked like so much fun and it really gave me an insight into each of your characters....too funny about the snake and the dead batteries. I am glad you all could get together. Now, what do you mean about a travel blog?

  6. Smiling Hello from Istanbul, Marg:)
    Just re-reading Pat's blog and the comments as well, then I noticed a familiar word of 'Turkey', LOL:)
    For that reason, I wanted to fly over on your page and see who's who.

    I think that each moment is an opportunity for another happy moment. There's an old adage, I like it, says "You never know what you have until its gone." This may be why we sometimes believe the happiest moments of our life are ones which can not be repeated and ones we might have taken for granted. I am very pleased to see that you had a fun time together, wish it continues.

    Warm greetings.

    N at CrossRoads

  7. Oh so wonderful that you all got a chance to meet and enjoy a day together! It looks like so much fun --even with the snake intrusion--tee hee! I love the swing set Marg has -- I always loved to swing when I was young. Too bad I don't ahve room for soemthing like that in my yard!

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, but Nihal did not win my gift give away--if you read in the middle you'll see that I wrote that Susie Q did-- I wrote about Nihal as an addition in the end to introduce her to new people, as I enjoy her blog very much.

    I'd love to visit Turkey someday too!

  8. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    I knew you'd have a great time together! Such great memories you made, created around visiting, laughter and food, just being girls and having fun. oh, and I heard rumblings that you just may show up on my work door step with your camera in hand. Do it...I'll treat you to Starbucks. Kathy

  9. What a wonderful day! You are so fortunate to have met a fellow blogger or two. I think that blogging is helping to make the world a smaller place in so many ways - and a better place. I love the part where you were swinging together and laughed as I read about the snake! Friendship is so important - for many reasons. Cherish these moments! And I love the music you added to your blog!

  10. It's been fun visiting you today and seeing more of the photos taken of your day with Judy and Lovella...great ones. Thanks for sharing your day with us!


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