Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Riding the Blue Danube

Thanking you Judy for taking us all on this tour around the world.
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During our three weeks in Europe,
we took an 8-day river cruise, A-ROSA on the Danube River.
While on tour, I met the activity trainer, Melanie and she informed me
about the various bike tours that she offered daily.
So I signed up for the one that she most highly recommended.
The tour from Krems - through the farming valleys of Wachau up to Melk.

This was not part of my anticipated itinerary for the week.
Who would of dreamed that I would of had the
opportunity to cycle alongside the Blue Danube River?
That was farthest from my dreams.

My alarm rang early and I sneaked out of my cabin,
not to bother my sleeping partner.
He was going to stay on deck and take photo's from his view.
Grabbed a quick bite to eat and was on the deck, ready for the day.
The sun was shining and our group was pumped.
This was our starting point and our goal was to ride 40Klm. to Krems.

Ready, Set, Go!

I was riding with lawyers/doctors/pharmacists and then I met Ingrid.
(Now, remember they all spoke German, and I was totally challenged.)
She was my inspiration. She was 68 years old
and if she could ride 40 Klm., nothing would stop me.
We clicked from the minute we met.

We rode along the banks of the curvy river winding
it's ways through the small villages.

Here's a perfectly quaint place to stop.
Window's framed with flowers,
mostly geraniums, and a bike leaning against the wall.

What on earth did this mean? A red strike through the sign?
Finally I had the nerve to ask, and it meant that
we had passed through Groisbach
and that we reached the end of the village.
Simple, eh?

It's still totally a dream:
It's hard to believe that we really drove past these old ruined castles.

We rode through tiny narrow passages, cobble streets,
barely enough room for a car, and yet, there was another church.
(Let me tell you that the cobble streets are not easy on the behind)

Driving along the vineyards of Wachau, the best wines in Austria.
We were all invited to stop for a wine tasting tour....
We decided to finish the tour and have a toast at our final destination.

We're half ways there!
Here we made a stop and enjoyed the best strudel, in town.
"Apfel Strudel & Marionetta Strudel"

We all took turns sharing our different strudels.
They were so tasty and yummy.

At this site, we were told that we would see our
cruise line coming around the corner,
and way out in the distance came our A-ROSA.
And of course there was my hubby taking wonderful pictures
of our whole group cycling through the various places.

That's me waving, hands high in the air.

Here's a view of homes and churches that he saw from his boat.
The homes are colorful and totally different than Bavarian styles.

Ah! He caught it!
We rode over this bridge while the cruise line went underneath.
Of course we were all screaming and waving and whatever you do.

The agriculture land was amazing.
Rapeseed, the flowering yellow, in the background was in full bloom.
My lovely chauffeur never stopped once,
so that I could get a close up shot.
You know how they just whiz by...

Then I finally asked my cycling group to STOP!
I tried to explain in have German, half English,
that there was a very important event happening
in this agricultural region in the month of August.
My friend, Dairymary's son won the Canadian plowing title for his age
and would be traveling to Austria to compete in the finals in August.

Dairymary, this picture is for you.
I crossed over about 100 ' of grass to be able to touch the soil
and to show you a picture of what your son could expect.
My group could not understand my passion.

When you're a country girl, this makes sense, but not
to the professionals who talked about the arts.

Here's the tractor ready to hitch up and start plowing.
Dairymary, I wish you the best, as your son shows the world, his skills.

Well we're finally closing around our last bend of our journey.
Yet, one more castle.

We had all reached our final destination, Melk.

Our journey was successfully completed.

We all had made some new friends that day
and exchanged email addresses before saying "Auf Wiedersehen!

I finally walked my bike on the boat and who was there to catch that smile?

I was now walking somewhat slower, but made my way
down to my room, to catch a quick shower.

What did I walk into?
A bed folded into the shape of a heart with rose petals?
Was this all planned? Did my special man do this for me?

"Reach out in the early morning mist, As the day's sun breaks the calmness of night,
And rise to the new day, A new awareness of being.
Shake hands with the world,
and smile.
It's great to be alive."



  1. Marg. . what a beautiful bike ride. Good for you .. wow I was so impressed that you managed that.

    The scenery was so gorgeous but I was especially touched that you stopped to take a picture for Marydairy and her son. What a wonderful experience for him to travel and compete. You'll have to do a specail post in his honour and we'll all cheer him on when he leaves. ..

    OH. . . and your template. . is wonderful .. and the collage. . well you get a gold star. . I'm very proud of you.

  2. AnonymousJune 04, 2008

    What an incredible opportunity, and you shared it with us.

    I can't even imagine riding a bike over cobblestones. Ouch!

  3. Wow...what an experience! And you got wonderful pictures...including the real dirt for 'dairymary'!

    Now I can say I rode the Blue Danube with Marg.

    Your new page layout looks great...the red really adds some punch.

  4. You were a brave lady to do the bike ride - I'd be afraid I couldn't keep up.What an experience - you would really see the country that way.

    Thanks for taking us along!

    Love your new template.

  5. Marg, I loved this post about the bike ride. I've always wanted to do a walk across England or a bike tour somewhere. Riding up the Blue Danube River sounds like a dream come true for you!

    Ah yes, Debbie is a Boston fan. But we can still be friends, I hope. :)

    Post photos of your blue tablecloth!

  6. MamaMia is my younger daughter's blog name. Her blog is on the side bar under family blogs. Her nickname is Mia and her friends termed her MamaMia b/c she took care of them!

  7. I sometimes float around in the blogosphere trying to find blogs that are welcoming, comfy and interesting. This has been my lucky week - I found Willow's Cottage and now Home Again. Your biking adventure photos are the best - especially when you were on the bridge waving to the ship. The grandkids are adorable. We enjoy many of the same books and the NBA! Go Green! ;)

  8. AnonymousJune 04, 2008

    What a fabulous description of your day of cool! Thanks for sharing! Elma

  9. Oh Marg! What a fabulous adventure, and by bicycle no less! What fun! The scenery is beautiful, and I love the shots your husband took of all of your group bicycling on the shore.
    I also thought it was so nice you took soil photos for your friend and son.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Hugs, Pat

  10. What beautiful scenery! And can't believe how you were able to take such a bike ride.


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