Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Kitchen Window

This morning we woke up to fresh smells of the country.
There's nothing better than freshly cut hay.
The windows are opened and the breezes blow through.
It's another favorite time of my year.

Again all the bales are ready to be picked up.
Did you notice those dark clouds on the previous pictures?
That makes a farmer edgy and no coffee breaks till the work is done.

And he's still working away.
The rays of the sun are settling in,
But this lucky farmer got his hay in nice and dry.
That's what we call Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile I was able to pick up my berries,
(Safeway has a great deal this week)
Are they local? No, not this year,
because of our cool weather they will be difficult to find.
Oh, I need to mention that I was sitting on a stool slightly turned,
not to miss one minute of the Germany vs Turkey Game.
Hey Germany, Yea Team!
So I was able to wash them, stem them,
cut them up and put them into the freezer.
They will be yummy in the winter time.

Oh by the way, I left just enough to make
Hurry Scurry Cake for Sunday.


  1. Marg, that first photo took my breath away! That is the view from your kitchen window!! Just beautiful! My kitchen window faces my neighbor's kitchen window -- we are only about 20 feet apart and can talk to each other if we like through our windows.,,,that's urban life I guess.

    Glad the farmer got all his hay harvested before the rain. I bet it does smell good!

    Nice strawberries! I also freeze some when I have a lot. I freeze blueberries too. I'll go and look at your recipe next..thanks!

    Have a nice day! Pat

  2. Marg, the photo of your hay being cut is gorgeous. Isn't it amazing the beauty we see in our farming now? We never saw it when we were younger. . or I should say I never saw it.
    I love the smell of fresh hay too.

  3. Hmmm...that must have been yesterday he baled his hay, right? My farmer's hay is still out in the field waiting for a little it too can be baled! Nice pic's.

    Hope your hurry scurry cake is a hit. My mom would think it's quite funny that her cake recipe from eons ago is being passed along.

  4. AnonymousJune 26, 2008

    Your view is just absolutely glorious. I can only imagine how much you enjoy gazing out that window.

    It all seems so wonderful to this city girl.

    I'll have to take a look at that recipe.


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