Monday, June 16, 2008

Always be Ready for Surprises!

It all started out like any regular Fathers' Day.
Family comes home for lunch and guess who's the gourmet chef?
You guessed, and we had a wonderful time, eating outside
because the sun shone long enough to enjoy the day.

Before long, our two daughters come out and said,
"Mom can you stop long enough from your kitchen prep,
in order to listen to our proposal?"

They had decided to take their father fishing.
Many things are very spontaneous in our home....

Off we go to this small pristine lake in the woods.
Can any of you recognize this lake?

We all jump in and away we go....
paddling down the lake,
but you know who's job that was,
while, we all sat back enjoying the sun.

Now, this took the cake.
We get 4 life jackets, and guess who is without?
Oh, my dear daughter's dog, Drift had to come along...
and of course who's wearing the life jacket?
This mother (the Queen) sat on edge, trying to
drink in all those serene peaceful moments.
(It wasn't too peaceful with the dog trying to jump in the water.)
As you can see we do not only have grandkids,
but now it looks like the dog has a spot( new Queen) in our family.

What a wonderful afternoon on the lake,
talking about the fun-filled memories of camping.

Right now we're just putting together the
final touches to our up-coming camping trip with Levi.

No, there's no dog coming!

Thank-you kids for sharing the day with us.
It's just what we needed to set the mood for this week.

And the sun is shining!! Yahoo!
Can you smell the fire?

Oh yea, and one thing you never forget is to bake
their favorite camping foods...
You never know who shows up!


  1. Marg, it looks like you had a wonderful day at the lake. . I love it. . a few of your pictures are being grumpy with little red X's in the box .. maybe they'll come out like the sunshine later today .. I so enjoyed the peek into your day.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day at the lake...but I'm not really sure which lake. You'll have to enlighten me.

    Have a wonderful time on your oma/opa camping trip!

    PS I have some x's showing up rather than photos also.

  3. Sorry about the boxes. Can't figure this one out!!

  4. AnonymousJune 16, 2008

    Marg, this sounds like it was an absolutely perfect day.

    We had a surprise Friday night. Our son and grandson came to our house for a "sleepover", and then we went out to breakfast Saturday morning. It was unplanned and great fun.

  5. What a lovely day - and a beautiful lake - that would be my husband's idea of a perfect father's day - fishing!

  6. Hi Marg
    Thanks for entering my blog give away and congratulations on passing 100 blog posts too! It's been an adventure recording life and its happenings and the things we enjoy, hasn't it?

    This post was so funny! I love that the dog had to wear a life jacket -- don't all dogs know how to swim by instinct? The lake looks so pretty and your food yummy! Enjoy your camping!

    Hugs, Pat

  7. PS

    That is my daughter hugging her Dad on my Father'ds Day post ..tee hee...I'm a little older.

    If you look at some of my Ireland vacation blog posts you can see me in them



  8. oh boy .. I was just saying the other day .. that I was hungry for puff wheat squares. .it passed but now it's back .


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