Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why Europe?

Why Europe?

Ursula & Goekhan
Let me introduce you to one amazing family, my niece, Ursula and her husband, Goekhan and little Deniz who is almost three. Time has allowed us to enjoy the Bavarian culture and scenery.
It has been the time of our life. You will find their mother, Anke featured in the Queen of Germany.

Deniz, the Love of all of our lives.
He captures our hearts.

Here lies there beautiful home in the German alps.
They have shared their home and hospitality with us
and continuously roll out the red carpet.

Let's take a quick stroll around their farm yard.

So, as I passed the farm, I noticed the beautiful kitchen windows, with their freshly planted geraniums. I loved the little white curtains that framed the window. I remember removing them from my house. Somehow it did not suit our house design.

As I turned the corner, I noticed a very interesting display. Often I would see children playing here, but as the story is told, it's the burial place of the family pet.
I could see them sweeping the stones, cleaning the weeds, and planting the flowers. In retrospect, these burials are prohibited on agriculture land, but somewhere this family chose to respect their loved pets and who knows how long before someone reports this incident. Hopefully they live in a loving community and allow those children to play in their make belief worlds.

Then around another curve and some more incline. This was a very good work out and the higher I climbed, I was always excited to see what would be around the next bend.

I enjoyed the fresh smell of the country, freshly cut grass and the pathways that curved over the country side. I loved the rolling hills with their fresh buttercups and dandelions

As I strolled leisurely I yet heard another sound that I did not expect. I heard cow bells chiming...and as I got closer and closer to see if those were really cow bells ringing, I heard thunderous hooves behind me and my pace increased quite quickly. All I saw was an electric wire that protected me, so I left those animals in there peaceful country setting. I knew better than to disturb their peace.

Just one more corner and there in the distance was my final destination.I walked down the the long lane past yet another farmhouse. Farm homes and barns are still all united under one roof.
I'm not sure what it smelled like in the house, but the spreading of fresh manure, gave me the sense that I was living in the country.

The cherry blossoms were bursting in full bloom. Gardens were being planted right next to the front door step. Tractors and mowers are all over the yard ready for their first crop.
And their of course you see this little man toddling down the road. That's my Deniz, only steps ahead of me waiting for someone to come and play with him. And just past this next farm came a reality.

Here's my vacation home. What a dream, to live in Bavaria and mingle with the village folk.
Many days I was caught either sitting up on the patio drinking Ice Cafe' or gazing out onto the German Alps or taking a stroll through the countryside. This was home for us. They gave us their beautiful black Audi to drive during out stay. We were overwhelmed with the hospitality from this wonderful family.

Geraniums lined the balconies and all along the sidewalks of this home. It was just the most relaxing and peaceful kind of place to call home. A coffee pot in my bedroom? What a great idea.

The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

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