Thursday, May 22, 2008

Runs like a What?

Not to take from Judy's John Deere Story,
but to add just a bit more trivia about the reliability of John Deere's.
I know that some of you are waiting for some more tales
from the land of queens and kings,
but unfortunately that lasted too short.
This King and Queen are hard at work again
and it seems like a dream gone by....
But after reading Judy's story yesterday,
I couldn't help but laugh out loud.
I too, have inherited the job of cutting lawns on our farm yard.
(I think I'll go back to work)

Take a look at our shop.
A similar experience on the exact same day.
Here's our JD model on jacks in the shop.
The seat is cracked up and down and it slides back and forth.
If you tighten it, then John can't move it fast enough
for the odd time that he needs to cart his grandson around the yard...
I think some things need to change around here.
The lawn is half cut, at least we got the front lawn cut.
This machine is so old and has given me so much trouble.
I bet if I gave John the job of cutting lawns,
there would be a brand new lawn mower on the yard.

Take a close up look at those bags.
They are torn and when I try to pick
up the grass, it's flying through all the holes and it
actually spreads much more evenly plus I look like a dust mop.
I've duct taped them and tried everything.
I don't know why I even bother with the bags anymore,
but my husband suggested that I could hand stitch this bag.
(Yea Right!)
You know what I'll be carting to the beach on my next vacation.

Here he is smiling as he is cleaning this old contraption,
letting me know that the parts are not available for the next week.
(That will be my window of opportunity to share highlights of my trip.)
We don't even have a push lawn mower anymore,
so maybe I'll resort to my hand snippers.

Judy, as you do your research please check out if there is
a "Two for the Price of One" bargain available, or better yet
call me when you go shopping and we'll show those men
the kind of equipment needed for their farm wives,
so that we can continue to farm efficiently and use our time wisely.
Is their an equipment shop catering to farm wives????



  1. Marg, this sounds like so much fun...let's go shopping! All we need is the farm card...a little spare cash for coffee, and we could have us a good time.

    I debated adding all the other repairs I had made to my John Deere mower...things like the duct tape covering the 'window' at the top of the bags. We are on our third set of bags...and the last pair got replaced only after I had already done a lot of stitching. We know how to make things last!

  2. Marg .. .I joined the JD fun at my blog too.
    Our lawnmower needed some fixin this week too. Yesterday my beloved had LOTS of lawn to mow

    Hope you have some luck with getting yours fixed too

    A few years ago when we still had our old snapper lawnmower, I had sewen and resewn the seams on that bag it looked pretty fancy..

  3. AnonymousMay 24, 2008

    I do believe it is time to do some John Deere shopping.

    You girls have reinforced my standard that my husband mows the lawn. ;-)


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