Friday, May 30, 2008

Help Me Out!

Good Day to all of You!

I once read on someone's blog that
if you can't seem to post every day
try to think of posting one picture, and keep it brief.
Well here I am, stuck with drafts,
viewing 1000 digital images, trying to choose the best
and my mind stuck in information overload.

So here you go, rather than tour with me today,
I thought that I would ask you what this picture represents?

I saw this in Europe and was fascinated.
Again I stopped and stared...
Have you ever seen this before?

Let me know your thoughts...
Sorry, I don't have any big awards to the winner..


  1.'ve got me stumped. But I'll check with my assistant and be back with my guess later (he's smarter about things like that!).

  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2008

    Is it an escalator for moving carts between floors?

    Oh well, I certainly don't know.

  3. Bev, you were dead on.
    In our major shopping stores, like Costco, Superstore we have only one large floor area.
    In Europe, their shopping stores are up to three floors, but much smaller.
    This is a shopping cart moving up an escalator to the next floor.
    I have never seen that before.
    Germans are very innovative.

    Hopefully this eases the curiosity.


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