Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tying Up Loose Ends

I'm working on my to do list before we leave....

· Wash the bedding. My hubby never provided me with a washline, so for you, Lovella, I learned to improvise and hung up my duvets and sheets over the fence line. It works. And Wow did the bedding smell fresh and the smell lingers on....

· Clean the house

· Cut the lawns

· Sort and file mail

· Clean the fridge

· Last minute interviews

· Wash and iron travel clothes

· Pack

· The list goes on and on.

· Last minute visits with the kids.

· Find some good books.

How appropriate. I found some good reading for my flight.

Three more sleeps.


  1. I am chuckling. I always have to have everything just so, and perfectly clean before I can go anywhere. The longer I am to be gone,the more indepth my cleaning must be. I imagine something terrible happening while we are gone, and people going into our home to clear it out upon my demise, and saying "Oh my, just look at this dust on the top shelf! Why she left three socks in her clothes hamper, what a lousey housekeeper!"
    Isn't that hysterical? Shamed in the grave because I didn't dust and scrub before I left!

  2. Oh Marg, I just love hanging duvets out to air and dry. What a typical list. We could almost have it printed and stored for future reference. Enjoy sleeping under those fresh blankies tonight.

  3. Yay! Have fun! I don't like the getting ready so much; I'm always saying, I think I'll just stay home! And then once I'm on my way, I love it!


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