Thursday, April 3, 2008

Surprise of the DAY!!

Wednesday's is the day I volunteer at the hospital.
We just finished celebrating our 40th year Event for
our Junior Volunteer Program.

As always, there seems to be a glitch in all programs.
I was asked to prepare a power point on the JV's history.
So as you all know, my wonderful husband consented to being my
IT person for the evening.
We checked out the equipment prior
to the event and Yes, it all worked, and always remember,
"When things are not functioning HIT Function 4"

It was Murphys' Law.
Time for the presentation and it was totally skewed.
I'm sitting at the head table, with the Mayor of Chilliwack,
trying not to show anxiety attacks,
while everybody turns around and looks at the IT man
and "Everybody's waiting...."
(I don't think my IT man will consent again)

Quietly, in my mind I remember " Hit F4"
F4 did not become the magic button.
Finally I stepped out of my chair and walked over to him,
and whispered, "Let's shut it down and log-in all over again."
Bango! There it was.. Thank-you God.

So later in bed that evening he says to me,
"Did you see the tulips draped on your front door?
"What, tulips? On my front door?"
(I had been gone for nearly 10 hours)
"Who sent them?"
Well there was no name or no card.
Then he shared how he tried to revive them,
by putting them in the sink.
I asked, "Did you take a picture, so I can blog?"
Well as you know, he's concerned about reviving them not blogging.
So anyways I tried to recapture what he
possibly saw on our door step.

I was too tired to think of tulips last night,
but this morning when I came downstairs,
I found them lying in the sink with water.
I took them outside and gave them some extra attention
and draped them over the door knob.

What a beautiful bouquet!
I can't imagine driving onto my driveway and seeing this bouquet.
I don't only have anonymous bloggers,
but I also have anonyous friends who send flowers.
Whoever it is, please stop by and we'll have coffee.
What a wonderful treat and I hope that next time you'll find me at


  1. Oh dear - your presentation brings back many many memories - I was the IT person at our school and I can't tell you how many times Murphy's law applied when I did presentations.

    Lovely tulips! What a nice surprise especially after a trying day!

  2. You are a very lucky woman indeed.

  3. Wow, beautiful flowers!
    What fun to have an anonymous giver of tulips!

  4. Your bouquet of tulips are beautiful. I'm glad that they brightened your day a little.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my autism research. I have been doing research on autism since Brandon was diagnosed in 2001. I have learned a lot. I do hope you will drop by and read tonight's post. I will give you more insight into the disorder known as Asperger's Syndrome.


  5. Oh I'm so glad your IT came through in the end. Aren't you so happy you have such a dear husband that consents to being assistant whether it be with equipment or flower revival. What a guy.
    I would have totally recaptured the moment for blogging too. Good job Marg, you are really getting the hang of every opportunity needs to be blogged. (kind of too bad you didn't have your camera to get a shot of your and the mayor .. smirk)

  6. Marg, you and your IT guy were both amazing that night....however I know that you commit at least 15 hours a week over the last year to working with the 7 Volunteer groups (nearly 300 of them)...and truly, that is amazing! You really do a wonderful job with the volunteers as well as the frantic asssistants around you that would need to pick up these pieces if you weren't working with us....super thanks! Elma

  7. you want me to send you the picture of the mayor, as well as the pictures of you "speeching" and handing out the awards? E


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