Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Leaving On a Jet Plane

All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go...

Because Family Matters, we will be spending the next
month in Germany, visiting family.
For the past 30 years they have been coming to Canada
and we've hosted them in our home.
So we are really looking forward to this delightful exchange.

During this time we will all be taking an
8-day cruise on the Danube River.

The river cruise boat holds less than 200 people.
The cruise departs from Passau, Germany through to
Krems, Vienna, Bratslavia, and Budapest.

There was talk of going to the Opera House in Vienna,
but most of us did not want to sit through 6 hours listening to Wagner,
so we will be listening to a mix of Operetta's in Budapest.

Meanwhile, we are thankful for a young couple with two children,
that will be moving into our home,
while they renovate their own place.
So it's good for both parties.
So why am I pulling my hair out, cleaning house??
They would never notice.
They are such so happy to have a place of quietness.

I will be missing the blossoms that are just waiting to burst
with every bit of sunshine and warm air.
The bottom picture is of our big oak tree which still has a few
fall branches clinging to it, amongst them are the new buds.

I will miss my two little boys, and the rest of my family
and of course all of my blog family.

In no time I will be posting pictures of our recent trip.
So long my friends.
I think we have the travel bug this year,
but I gotta run, we've got a flight to catch...



  1. Oh Marg, it sounds wonderfully romantic. . .
    Do have a wonderful time with your family across the pond and especially with your husband. May you come back rested and renewed.

    We'll look so forward to living your trip on your return.

    Oh and hooray for wonderful house sitters.

  2. Sounds amazing...trip of a lifetime! Have a wonderful time...and we look forward to a full report.

    Is your high school German coming back at all? You may be needing a few words here and there!

    I'll be home tonight & you're packing to leave. Coming & going...revolving doors.


  3. Bon voyage! Enjoy your trip immensely. Please come home again!

    BTW, my backyard is not the ocean; I wish it was, though. We live @11 miles from the coastline.

  4. I hope that you both have the "best vacation ever!" with a combination of adventure & fun with friends and family. We will look forward to the stories on your return...take care! Elma

  5. Have a marvelous trip!!

    A sounds so romantic.

    I'm heading out too - our house sitters are my young adults. I'm leaving lists of meals, notes for taking care of the dog, and "don't forget this" types of lists.

    I don't know why - one of them is 20 and I was married at 19...

    Looking forward to your stories when you return.

  6. Take lots of pictures and have a lovely time.

  7. I'm just checking in to see if that plane has landed yet!


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