Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jump Start to your Day

Was last night's sunset a heads-up for my morning?
This is unbelievable to see the sun so early!!
The sun is shining and I'm off for my walk.
There's no better way for me to start my day,
than walking with a good friend.
Thanks Laurie and Judy.
It doesn't take long and the steps have been completed
and secondly, it's very therapeutic.

Every morning from my window I view this greenhouse.
And yesterday, was it's opening day....Ya Hoo!!
And it's not an April Fool's trick either.
So I ran across the street and filled my bags
with cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers.
Stopped by the kids place and made sure they all had
healthy snacks in their homes.
I'm so lucky to be able to walk across the street
and enjoy these fresh vegetable for the next months.
Stop by on your way and have coffee!!
This sure beats gardening.

Supper time came and I knew it would be
Greek Salad and Greek Feta Chicken.

Greek Feta Chicken Recipe

Check this one out!!
It's simple and it's a keeper!
It sure hit the spot for a hungry farmer
after cleaning barns all day.

The sun sure brings out the dirt in my windows
So you can guess what I'll be doing today.

Have a great day and enjoy the sun!!


  1. Beautiful pictures - it must be so wonderful to view the mountains so close by.

    and lucky you to have a greenhouse nearby with such lovely fresh veges.

    I tried the link for your recipe but it didn't work. I think because you have geta in stead of feta - I'll check it out on recipezaar. It's a great site!

  2. I'm super pokey today. Yikes you've done your walk .. I'm on my way.
    Oh I'd love to have a greenhouse across the street.

  3. I meant to stop in there after lunch and pick up tomatoes. Well, I forgot, so will have to do it next time I'm by there. Thanks, Marg, for all. Dairymary

  4. Hmmm..I may just have to alter my usual route to town and swing by your greenhouse. Peppers, tomatoes and cuc's all at one spot...and all of them are my favorites!

    So did you get the windows cleaned? I did mine yesterday morning. My little helper is arriving momentarily, so I'll be mostly playing today.

    Your Greek meal looks fantastic!

  5. I think I know that greenhouse. You are lucky to live across the road from it, how handy. And that greek meal sounds good. I might try it tomorrow since I have stew in the crock pot for today.


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