Monday, April 21, 2008

Family Matters

This was a weekend spent with family and friends.

We spent one evening celebrating two prestigious awards
designated to special friends who have worked hard.
One award presented was their "first published book,"
"Marilou", an autobiography of his first 20 years in the Philippines.
An amazing funny journey. You'll laugh and cry over this one.

Another award presented was, "Master Breeders"
a highly prestigious award for Holstein Purebred Breeders across Canada.
If any of you are in agriculture you will know the meaning.

It's always so good to celebrate with friends.
"Family's Matter" did not only refer to purebred pedigrees,
but also, to the strong farming legacy
of a father and son and their wives.

Thus, the title of my post today.

We love to have our kids over for lunch on Sunday's.
And that's our time to play and enjoy those little boys.
Right after lunch, (not even before the meal is cleaned up)
Lora and I take off for a quick brisk walk,
while the little one is sleeping.
When we arrived back,
The kitchen was sparkling clean.
It's amazing what those men can do.

You've all seen these little feet before, usually they are kicking and moving,
but while he nursing, those feet are so relaxed and absolutely darling.

Then comes the wake-up time after his sleep, and I love
to tip toe into his room and peer over his bed.
Even though we had all the cold weather last week,
this smiles just warms up any Oma's face.

And here he is, I have permission to post his smiling face.
Most of my blogs speak about Levi, but this little one is also a winner.

And because "Families Matter"
you'll find out tomorrow why
I will be taking a break from this post over the next month.

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  1. Oh what a darling little boy .. I love his sweater too.
    I always perk up my ears now and maybe eyes too when I see the word "matters". It's funny how the names we pick for our blog really become special to us as individuals.
    I'm coming back to see what matters most to you for the next month. .


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