Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bursting Forth with Snow?

Do you believe that they forecasted snow for this weekend?
Where is that beautiful warm sun? It's almost May.

I'm taking you back a bit to last November when I planted
my tulips bulbs with my little helper. We had so much fun.
This became a time where I could teach him
about the growing cycle of a bulb.
After December, it became our weekly chore,
to walk to the back of the shop and inspect those bulbs.
One day we were a bit impatient and so we
began digging our fingers into the dirt to see
how those bulbs were growing.

Until one day... he took his spy glass (really it's a gas funnel)
and he saw the buds poking their heads out of the soil!!
He was quite excited. We love to pretend.

Then came the day we distributed all the pots around the house.
This year it was my goal to create color impact in my garden.

Right now they are blooming even in the rain.
I placed the plants right in front of my patio window
so I can enjoy them all day long.

Last night I opened the front door and was just awed by
the beauty and richness of their color.
Thank-you God for bringing beauty in flowers day or night.

Proudly my little helper is showing off his tulips bulbs!
So whatever the weather holds, sun or snow,
continue to enjoy the memories of last Saturday.


  1. I can't believe last Saturday we were outside with T shirts having our lunch.
    It looks like you have so much fun with your little helper there. What an honour to be able to teach and enjoy and share your farm with him.

  2. I love your tulips...and how fun for your little helper to see God's little miracles!

    But snow? I so enjoyed last Saturday...and then left town with good memories. I'm hoping it's back to spring weather by the time we return!

    I walked with my camera this morning...and found God's beauty in the desert (didn't have to lok too far!)


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