Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recharging our Batteries

Every morning was a highlight for me.
First to sit out on the patio and yes, watch the whales,
drink a fresh cup of Kona coffee, eat some fresh fruit
and read, read, and read some more.
Then before it's too warm,
we're on our walk, taking along
our new camera with a lithium battery.
All I had to do was recharge it every night.
Oh yes, our pedometers came along.
We each had our own and if you know me,
I do have a competitive edge.
Most times I won!!
But one day on my trail, I saw this enormous bud.
It was tightly wound.

Every day I began to observe it's changes.
It opened slowly and by the third day,
there were countless sprouts just waiting to burst..

By the fourth day it gradually opened more..

Full bloom.
Absolutely a part of God's creation.
I really enjoyed checking it out each day and unfortunately
I avoided the dried up stage.
Right next to it was another bud growing.

The thoughts that came to my mind were how
these flowers, too, have their stages of life.
I love my stage of life, right now and hopefully
I can continue to bloom where God has planted me.
I need to continue to focus on the circumstances
of life in which I find myself.

Walking became a daily highlight.
BJ's a great walking partner and loves to
scout out all the coffee shops and bakeries along the way.
We'll work on our nutrition when we're home again...
It's so good to get away, dream again
and recharge those batteries.

"I have never been a millionaire.
But I have enjoyed a crackling fire,
a glorious sunset,
a walk with my best friend,
and a hug from a small child.
There are plenty of life's delights for all of us."
Jack Anthony


  1. Marg, it looks like both you and Lovella had glorious holidays!

  2. That's how it is with batteries...always needing to be re-charged! And that's how it is with us...we always need to be rejuvenated!

    Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! When's the next one? (We know you will need your batteries re-charged again before long.)

  3. Oh Marg, the sidewalks you had in your area look perfect. I did find that we had very narrow shoulders on the side of the road and this discouraged us from dodging the traffic.
    I so enjoyed seeing your flower open. There was a bunch of banannas that I kept my eye on and just as I was beginning to think of picking one the whole bunch had been cut off.


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