Monday, March 24, 2008

The Sun is Shining!!

Spring is in the Air and it's wonderful to see the sun shining and the buds bursting from their seams. Makes my fingers itchy for gardening.
The events of Easter are always a reminder of activities we used to do with our own children.

Painting Easter Eggs is always a big event.
Somehow my big helpers told me they didn't need to paint eggs anymore, so I had the wonderful time of calling up my small grandsons and Oh yea, they were more than eager to hide all the eggs and look for them the next day.

Of course, I needed some extra help with decorating the pasta buns. Interesting how eager these little fingers are to help when there is food involved.
Of course the big ones eat it, but to be involved??

I wonder who licked the icing off this bun?
So I continued putting more icing on layer after layer while he licked it off. So Fun!!

While others were diligently working on preparing
for the activities in the house,
still others were working in barns, genetically modifying
the colors of the newly born chicks.
What a surprise for all!!

Activities of Easter are almost over
but some things last in our hearts forever.


  1. OK...tell me about the chicks. How is that done? I took a picture of a bunch of Easter ducklings all decked out in their bright colours...but I'd sure like to know how they do that.

    PS I love your tulip holder...I have one just like it. (smile!)

  2. Marg,
    That funny thing they wound your yarn from is called a niddy-noddy. and of course the other is a ball winder.

  3. Oh those chicks are the cutest. I love them.
    I can't remember either how that is done.

  4. oh. my. goodness. What vivid colours on those chicks!!

  5. those little chicks look gorgeous. how do you do that?

  6. Sorry, I should of had a caption of that chick picture. I found it on the web in some agricultural website and downloaded it.
    I thought it would arouse some interest...

  7. Marg, my question is, what do you use to get the eggs that bright colour? Ours are always much paler! Dairymary


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