Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sew, Now What?

Guess who's Home Again?
I thought that I would be able to come
home and show off my new project!!
Not Sew.
I packaged my wool and placed it neatly in my suitcase.
I thought that when you opened a ball of wool,
you always looked for the yarn in the middle,
so I pulled and pulled and pulled
till the wool started shredding on me.
Now What?

I'm hoping someone out there knows what to do....
I just reread the description and it says it's a 6-strand wool yarn.
It's hand dyed by Handmaiden: Nz aran 200g. S twist.
Anyways I finally found a lone thick strand
with 6 strands intertwined.
This could be tricky for a beginner.
Thanks Corinne for sharing your woolly stories.
I will need to be in touch with you shortly.

But, I did accomplish to read three books
which is totally amazing for me.

This book has taught me to reflect on my own past and
continue to value the strong roots that have been
passed down from my parents and grandparents generation.
Kathy talked about this book on her blog recently.
It's the story of the Nickel Mine shootings where
10 young girls were shot and 5 died.
AMISH GRACE explores the many questions
this story raises about the religious beliefs
and habits that led the Amish to forgive so quickly.

Can a parent love too much or is too much never enough?
This is a provocative novel that raises some important ethical issues.
"My Sister's Keeper" is the story of one family's struggle
for survival at all human costs
and a stunning moral parable for all time.
How often we as moms/caregivers/females think we are totally right
and yet how often we second-guess every step of the way.
It's full of insight, inspiration and heartbreak.

Braestrup's husband, a Maine state trooper,
died in a car crash, leaving her with four young children
and a powerful burden of grief.
She responded to the tragedy by taking up
an unexpected new career as a chaplain in the Maine Warden Service.
When a child goes missing in the woods,
or a swimmer disappears, or a snowmobiler crashes through the ice,
she's the one on-hand to counsel worried parents
and grieving survivors.
She's seen it all, and her memoir,
though it's full of horror stories, is surprisingly funny and redemptive.
I take my hat off to all chaplains. It's a challenging world.

These words are posted in our family room
and sew whether it's knitting or reading,
all of these emotions were relived in my life in the past week.
Again, we lived, we loved and we laughed.

Stay tuned for more pictures.


  1. Welcome home! Hmmm...I have no answers to your wooly queries. That only happens when you buy yarn at high-end yarn shops! I'm sure it can be salvaged.

    But thanks for the book reports! They all sound like great reads.

  2. Did you enjoy My sisters keeper? It was a thought provoking book as most of hers are.

  3. Marg,
    If you bought that skein of yarn at the yarn store and they wound it for you, you should return it and get another one free.

    My dd MamaMia always has trouble with pulling from the middle of the skein, too. I just don't know why. I wish I could help you.

    If it's inexpensive yarn, you could just cut off the offending bit and then knit from the outside.

  4. PS: I finally got you on to my links!

  5. welcome home Marg!!

    Have you read JP's book about the Amish - it's titled Plain Truth.I enjoyed it - I also like My Sister's Keeper. Some of her books are too dark for me but I do enjoy her writing style - it's engaging.

    I'm glad you had a lovely holiday - Don't feel the least bit guilty on my account :) I am looking forward to blooms and ocean breezes too - oh in about 3 months!!

    Sorry I can't help with the yarn dilemma - I'm a novice knitter.I'd go with willow's advice - she's a knitting master!!

  6. Thank-you ladies for your input to my wool solution. I feel like I've gained some new insights to what I need to ask when shopping for wool.

  7. Thanks for the book recommendations -
    I'm going to pick up My Sister's Keeper for sure.

    Happy Easter.


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