Friday, March 28, 2008

Running on the Beach!!

The waves are welcoming me on my morning run!!
What better way to start my day?

Once again, as I take you along a shoreline walk,
it's not only the waves you catch, strong or hard,
but it's the warm wind in your hair and hearing the ocean's song.
I could sit by the shoreline and watch the translucent colors all day.

Crash bang, surfers are just loving the waves.
Which one next and they wait and wait and wait
for the perfect wave.
Are waves God’s ways of showing us
that in spite of us not knowing
his plans we can still trust that it will work out right?

I wonder where that wave started?
Was it from an ocean's floor?

Have you ever sailed on the vast ocean?

Standing, waiting for the right wave to crash, getting all soaked
with the warm, brimy, salty tasting water smacking against my lips.

As I returned from my walk, we both met once more
to take a dip into the deep blue sea.
Do you remember that EP?

Dancing back and forth.
As I think about the ocean
I feel a cool wind in my hair,
and as a child running on
the beach.
I begin to take flight and sail through the sky

looking down at the ocean.
The waves crest and relax
I fall tired as I think of these waves.
Oh, the beach to be my home one day.
Linda Mary Rachel Huangs


  1. Oh I love your wave pictures, they look strangely familar. I so enjoy how you see things.

    Just so lovely.

  2. Beautiful wave shots!

    It looks like you traded you waves for another shot at winter. Are you managing to stay warm?

  3. Wonderful visual memories of your vacation! I love the beach and ocean photos. My favorite place to be in all the world--any beach!

  4. Wow...beautiful pictures but just seems like forever ago that we were swimming in the deep blue seas...I am dreaming ....dreaming....dreaming of a return to the for your last is very funny!..I guess with our faces added, it too could hit hit the Star Bulletin....please note that no one has asked for our autographs yet! E


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