Friday, March 21, 2008

At The Foot of The Cross

All week I was trying to visualize Easter once again.
Having been born and raised in a Christian family,
one, sometimes wonders,
"How does the Cross really impact me?"
We've heard the story and songs for so long and
sometimes it's easy to go through the mechanics of the Season.

But this morning when I woke up,
in front of my spacious window stood 4 police cruisers and two
pick-up trucks with young offenders.

I watched and vividly I saw one police member
grab this fellow and check him for weapons,
and before I knew it there was a scuffle.
(meanwhile I'm trying to grab a few pictures,
sneaking around the house.
Then all of a sudden, the officer needed to add force
and the offender collapsed face-down into the hard pavement.
I was just feeling the excruciating pain...

Immediately my thoughts were focused on Jesus,
thinking about the heavy cross he had to carry,
meanwhile being treated ruthlessly.
Yes, it was at the Cross that Jesus relentlessly gave up,
only to give us hope and life for the future.
He was betrayed and beaten,
but he was obedient to his Father, God.

My prayer went out immediately to those young offenders,
that somewhere in their life, they too,
would have the opportunity to understand
the meaning of the Cross,
and that they will have felt pardoned and forgiven.

We then got ready to attend a local church service in town.
It was such a blessing to be greeted with a
warm face like Judy and her husband,
and better yet we were privileged
to share communion together.

"Trade these ashes in for beauty
And wear forgiveness like a crown

Coming to kiss the feet of mercy

I lay every burden down
At the foot of the cross"

May you all find true meaning at the Foot of the Cross.


  1. Marg,
    I too hope the young offenders find grace and mercy from The Judge of All the Earth.
    Is your quote from a song? Or a prayer book? I'm not familiar with it.

  2. We have all been forgiven much...unmerited favour! That really hits home at Easter.

    PS It was special to be together for a wonderful Good Friday service!

  3. A few differences in what you saw today and Christ. The young offenders were just that - offenders, Christ was guilty of no offence. Police are placed in authority by God, and we need not fear them if we do what is right (Romans 13 - living bible) I pray for grace and mercy not only for the young offenders but also for the police officers to do a righteous job in a very difficult profession.

  4. Thanks for adding additional insight to the difficult situations being faced by our officers.
    I agree it that this is a very challenging profession.


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