Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Life Cut Short

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a young mother (49) Heather.
September 11, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
February 3 she passed away at home surrounded by her loving family.
I've known Heather and her family for many years.
Later in life she and Mark adopted two wonderful children.
Heather loved and raised those children with a Mother's Heart.
She struggled in the past months.
She could not have children of her own
and now she had the joys of raising
these two children aged 9 and 11,
and yet, why would God let her abandon them at such an early age?

Heather lived a life of fun and joy and like the pastor mentioned
She was a bit on the wild and crazy side.
It was always hard to contain her to a box.
There family loved camping, hiking, travelling and
spending time at the cabin.
She played the piano on the worship team and even there,
in her worship, she delighted in giving God the praise.

She loved her Author.
She shared her Author with everyone she met
In the summer she opened her home for DVBS and invited all the
children from the neighbor hood and wanted to introduce them to Jesus.

But as the Pastor mentioned, her past months were a blistery winter season.
It was a very difficult time.
But the season of winter for her is over.
There are no more tears and no more headaches.

Spring has come and she has entered a new Season.
As difficult as it is, for all of us to say Goodbye,
we welcome her to her new Season of Life with her Author.

Heather would want all of us to know her Author.
A life well lived with Delight, Devotion and Determination.
We love you Heather.

Have a good Day!


  1. Thanks for sharing the story of Heather. I am struck by how little time she had after her diagnosis...especially knowing my sister-in-law just received the same diagnosis this past week. It is comforting to know that they have both lived their lives well...and are ready to meet their Maker.

  2. Marg, thank you for your tribute to Heather. I didn't know her but through your beautiful words I felt sad thinking of her family.

    It is wonderful to know that she is safe in the arms of the one who loves her unconditionally. Perfect love.

  3. The expected course of a life can change so quickly. I find this disturbing. I'm glad Heather knew the author and finisher of her faith. This makes all the difference.

  4. Hi Marg. My name is Ellie and I found your blog today through Lovella's blog. My mom died of breast cancer when she was 48. My little sister was only 10 at the time. I am sad for her family and I pray that they will cling to the One who is the God of all comfort. I remember well what it was like at the end of my mother's life - the beginning of a new "normal" for us. My thoughts and prayers are with Heather's family.

  5. A very sad time for those two little kids. My good friend was at the same funeral. It is wonderful that her pain is gone and she is in the perfect place.


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