Thursday, February 21, 2008

Granduer and Majesty

Only these pictures can captivate the highlights of a wonderful week
packed full of activities with family and friends
of all ages enjoying one another's company.
The Coquahalla Highway was closed due to Avalanche warnings and
so, what is generally a 4 hour trip became almost 2 hours more than expected,
travelling the less desired way to Big White

Thanks to Bill Bennett and the Coquahalla crew for an
outstanding road structure to the interior.
As always I had my new music for the road trip.
This time I chose "The Lonely Shepherd, an original album by Zamfir.
We both love the selections on this album, and I was just comfortably becoming settled
into the trip with our fresh Tim Horton's Coffees,
home-made goodies, and decided this would be the perfect time to pull out that new wool
and start knitting away, to keep me distracted from the road.

Alas, I had all the tools for knitting except the Big Knitting Needles.
Now the quest to find knitting needles in the hick towns of the interior
became an on-going joke.
Finally I found "Miachel's", (craft store) in Kelowna and
bought a new set of needles. Size 17 or 12mm? What's the difference?
Now you know why the trip took so long.
I'm glad that my travelling partner has Patience
When it's all said and done, the hat was quickly knitted together and by the time
Mikki arrived it was finished. No, I didn't miss any ski time..
just didn't read quite so much.
Now I have a few more orders.
Just don't forget those "darn needles."
And there you are – right smack in the middle of the pleasures of apr├Ęs-ski.
A hungry group, full of appetite, from the long day of skiing,
cozy lounges, hot-tubs, lotions for soothing muscles, smells of
home-made appetizers and cooking
wafting through the kitchen air.
A good day's end and everyone is tucked in early enough,
to see who can make the first fresh tracks.

It won't take long and we'll be booking again for next year.
Watch for an up-coming post of the "Best Birthday Ever".


  1. Thanks for kind thoughts and wishs. I am glad you had such a good time in the grandeur of the outdoors.

  2. It looks like you had a great skiing vacation! The hat looks good!

  3. Great photos...looks like you had a wonderful time! We just got back home...and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your ski vacation.

    Maybe I'll borrow your toque pattern before my next road trip (very cute)!

  4. Oh Marg. . the snow laden trees are just gorgeous. What spectacular sights.
    I'm guessing you are feeling marginally better.
    That toque pattern is just adorable and such an appropriate craft to work on at a ski lodge.
    I look forward to the best birthday ever post.

  5. What gorgeous pictures!

    I hope you have recovered from your flu bout.

  6. I'm glad you are feeling better. I too was flat out for several days, along with the other people in this house. It's been a bit of a nasty week. Your pictures of the snow are beautiful.


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