Saturday, February 2, 2008


I woke up this morning to fresh snow once again.
What a delight. My first thoughts were, "I can't walk."
But secondly, I noticed the sun was shining and I could make the first tracks.
On with those wonderful boots that I got for Christmas and down the road I trekked.
It's so invigorating to feel the crispness of the morning air and the sun shining
on the fresh snow leaving long lingering shadow.
The mountains are ladened with fresh snow and
the mountains are calling my name to come skiing.
Some of you have been working hard at counting your steps on pedometers.
Are there any of you who would love to take up skiing with Marg?
We'd all make fresh tracks, the first on the hill.
I would love to teach you all, especially Judy.
Let me know and we can plan a day!!!
YaHoo! Lots of pictures!!!!

As I walked I met an elderly gentleman, who has is recovering from health issues.
We talked briefly and I sent a prayer his way, "Enjoy each day."
That's the we move along at each stage of life
we need to enjoy the beauty and share it with those we love most.

That's why I'm off to the Dog Park now with my daughter
and then continue to plan the 60th!
Live each day. Make new tracks. Count your blessings.
House cleaning can wait...

"Cleaning house while the children are growing is like
shovelling snow while it's still snowing."



  1. strike fear into my heart! How about cross-country skiing? It's those dreaded chairlifts that get me in a sweat.

    I'm off to walk the Vedder Trail with my's so beautiful out today!

  2. I am so happy to be your un-athletic friend...takes away the "fear" factor...


  3. Marg, I love making fresh tracks in the snow too. I did take some skiing lessons when our kids were taking them at school. I just have never gotten the hang of it . .
    then, my dear man broke his wrist really badly skiing and well .. .that was the end of that. I always think that snow shoeing would be fun and we have cross country skiied a bit too.

  4. I loved skiing when we lived in Ontario. But there is only one hill in PEI and it's basically a steep ditch . . . :)

  5. There is nothing quite like fresh fallen snow is there? Have a wonderful week.

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