Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Day of Memories!

This birthday of 60 years was a wonderful day looking back
at many milestones that have shaped our lives.
Today, a father, husband and grandfather,
who continues to sacrifice unselfishly.
A time of reflection with family. We kept it simple.
A chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy,
asparagus, a fresh garden salad,
topped off with his favorite homemade Hazelnut roll.
We spent time reviewing pictures of when he was a young lad,
growing up in his farming years.

His love for cars is evident. Those were his prize cars.
Now he asks, "Why didn't' I keep them?
We would have an antique show...
We enjoyed company from the youngest born in
November, 2007 who loves to smile, to the...

oldest, who is John's father who is 96 with his wife Helen.
We are greatful for the wonderful family and rich heritage.

Thank-you for the wonderful prayer, Papa.
Thank-you for your prayer Jeremy.
It's a pure privilege to hear the prayers from young and old,
thanking God for his ever ending goodness in the life of a father and son.

Memories can be a gift from God.
And some memories can have tragedies.
Memories can bring sudden understanding later in life,
when things suddenly fall into place and you realize what was happening.
Memories can give courage to go on.
Memories can quiet one in time of turmoil and
memories can cause us to be compassionate to others in need.
I believe we all felt the emotions of memories past and present.
"What is a family meant to be? A museum of memories.
Collections of carefully preserved memories and
a realization
that day-by-day
memories are being chosen
for our museum."

Edith Schaeffer


  1. Now that is the most special way to celebrate...thanking God together with those who matter most! Thanks for sharing the memories.

  2. What a special celebration. Happy Birthday to you DH.

    I appreciated your words on the memories, that was so special.

    I also loved the little shoes. I suppose we'll be doing a lot of comparing little shoes and eventually bigger shoes with our birthday twins.

  3. What a wonderful celebration of words and memories. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. What a beautiful birthday celebration! Please pass on my best wishes for a very Happy Birthday to your husband!

  5. Great way to celebrate--with the whole family and all the generations! What a wonderful legacy.


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