Monday, February 11, 2008

Creation Calls

How could I say there is no God?
When all around creation calls!!

Back to the hills we go to take in that
fresh powdery snow for a few days.
For the past 20 years we have established a traditional ski holiday.
The people have changed over the years, but we still all get excited
when we begin to plan the dates in early summer.
It doesn't take long to put a dozen people
into a three-bedroom condo.
We're people of all ages, some family, friends, and cousins.
Who does the cooking?
Everybody and that's what makes it fun and interesting.

Another special celebration goes on during this weeks planning.
We celebrate birthdays.
Way back in 1980, on the day of my 30th birthday,
I gave birth to another delightful little girl.
So we love to come together and celebrate in style.

My daughter, Mikki is a child who loves
nothing more than living on the edge.
Snowboarding, hiking, running, cycling
give her the strength to endure.
She is studying to be an Occupational Therapist at UBC.
She has a heart of compassion for those living with disabilities.

She lives life with passion, zeal, and sensitivity.
She's experienced, restlessness, anxiety and loss.
She's realized that the reality of life's events
can bring forth her inner strengths
and can create a deep sense of satisfaction and inspiration.

One day while we were in a deep discussion,
I thought I had the perfect solution and she looked at me and said,
"Remember mom, that's why you gave us roots
and now we're pushing out of the nest."
Wow! Did that strike a chord deeply within me.
Of course we had given our children roots.
Roots go deep and help our children grow strong.
Wings lift children upward and inspire them.
Roots I can handle; wings are my challenge.

Mikki thanks for that reminder. Happy Birthday Mikki!
We'll see who can win the down hill race.

I'll share the results of the race next week.



  1. Hope that you have the most amazing time ever! Elma

  2. Oh I hope you all have a wonderful time.
    I have a friend who went to UBC and is now working as an Occupational Therapist. She loves it.

  3. . . .A singing bird, a mighty tree
    The vast expanse of open sea,

    Indeed. .how could we say there is no God.
    Blessings on your daughter Mikki. .
    have a wonderful time.

  4. February 13th...never a year has gone by that I haven't thought of you on this day, Marg! Have a wonderful week & we'll do cake sometime when you are back...and maybe even walk a mile or two.

  5. HOpe you had a wonderful time.


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