Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best Birthday Ever

We arrived a few days early for our ski week, so we could celebrate and enjoy some quietness before the whole group came up on the weekend. It's non stop when they arrive.

When I was young, birthdays were not a highlight in my home.
We might of seen some cupcakes or maybe some kind of chocolate cake with some candles,
but I remember that they were not given priority. Work was first!

So once I was married, I decided that I would always make sure I recognized each child on the EXACT day of it's birth and make a family celebration. We love to party.
Unfortunately over the years as the children have grown older we've had to adjust and make amends, but that doesn't mean you can't pick up the phone and say "Happy Birthday!"

Wednesday, Feb.13th marked my day and typically I would be woken up to the cheerful words, "Happy Birthday, Let me make you some freshly ground coffee." and the day would continue on enjoying chocolates and some fresh flowers, a few small gifts, phone-calls from the kids, and usually going out for supper. It was always a double whammy because Valentines was just around the corner and so we celebrated both.

But this year, it changed. When I awoke life seemed normal so I rolled out of bed, looked out the window and said, "Time for skiing, the sun is shining."
No coffee, no birthday greeting, nothing???

We skied all morning, had a bowl of soup in our favorite restaurant, but still no acknowledgment.
The day ended, and I decided to check my calendar, (maybe I, had something mixed up)
I flipped on the TV, and it said, Feb.12, so now I'm really beginning to think I'm loosing it.
Then I flipped to the CNN Channel and it said, Feb.13. OK, what's about to happen?

The whole time I'm thinking, "What's his new strategy?"

Finally at 4:pm when the "apr├Ęs-ski" spirit should be kicking in, I invited him to walk to the village with me, but he hesitantly declined.
I finally figured him out..."He was planning a surprise and was waiting anxiously for me to go for my walk."

Meanwhile, I thought to myself, this is unlikely not to receive a gift by now, so I took things into my own hands and bought myself my own birthday gift, a black cotton sweater with a Big White Logo, so that I would never forget this event. I was pleased with my purchase.

I trudged up toward the grocery store to pick up some last minute items before heading back to the condo and at the top of the staircase, I see this most bewildered man in my life...
He grabbed me and said, "What day it this?" and I just smirked...

Back in the condo when He looked at his cell phone, dated Feb.13, at 4:00pm to catch his daily messages, little did he realize, that he was in the dog house...
We had such a good laugh, reflected about the days procedures and all the clues that were not caught. This was totally out of his character. Yes, we had supper out and realized that surviving 35 years together, would allow this to pass or would it?
I wore my new sweater to supper and he noticed quickly that it was new. So I told him the need to buy my own gift. . I'm sure this sweater will tell stories for years to come.

Someone asked me, "Were you ticked?"
"No, I was not ticked at all. I kept wondering what was at the end of the stack.. I played along like a wild card. I just thought he had turned the corner, 60, but did it need to be so extreme?"

Now, in hindsight I realize that his strategy was to confuse me.
Since then I have been receiving gifts in abundance. Yesterday he wanted to go to Guildford shopping because he knows my favorite bedding store had it's winter sale.
Olive green sheets with a spice of charcoal.
I love them and they look awesome in our room.

As we walked along, he stopped at the luggage store, enquiringly looking at me.
"Don't you thing we need some new luggage that is smaller and lighter?"
I said, "What's wrong with our old stuff?"
"It's always overweight."
I wonder who will be carrying the luggage now??
Who knows, maybe there's some tickets waiting for me?

Hey, if I keep being showered with gifts like these, he can forget my birthday any time.
We've had many laughs and I'm sure I'll find him a new alarm system for next year.

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where
individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated,
communication is open and rules are flexible
Virginia Satir


  1. Awww...cute story. Now had you been at home, he would never have forgotten because you would have had phone calls and invitations to lunch. Next year I will send a reminder!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful extended birthday/ski you won't forget any time soon.

  2. Marg, that is just the cutest story. I remember once my dad forgot their anniversary .. .only happened once.
    Isn't it wonderful that you werent' ticked? such love.

    I can see that you have a wonderful sense of humor between you and enjoy many laughs together.

    Enjoy those gifts .. I hope the trip is in the works.

  3. What? not sharing the green suitcase any more? A lovely story and a good laugh I am sure! ... and many more to come as we all get older. E

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to You. That is a very sweet story and so sweet that you didn't get upset. I'm not sure I would be so gracious. I guess I have more to learn.

  5. I remember that my oldest sister forgot my 16th b-day - she NEVER had forgotten before. So, instead of the usual little gifts of a book and some candy, I received a really cute top! Like your experience,it was worth it.

  6. Happy Birthday just a little late. What a funny story. I forgot Steve Schulz's birthday once (our imported son). He was a camp counsellor, home for the weekend. I was making steak dinner and he asked me if the grandparents were coming. No - just you kids. Why?
    And he said, "It's my birthday." Oh the feeling. Not good. No hiding. But the crazy thing was I was, by chance, making his favorite dinner on his day.


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