Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who Stole my Mango?

The time was slipping away as usual, but I knew my company was coming and I had all the right ingredients to whip up Lovella's salad. So as I reached out for my fully ripened Mango in my fruit dish, it's's not there.

My house was filled with company on the weekend and
so I called my daughters and sure enough,
Mikki decided that she could take it back home to Vancouver.
She can take what ever she wants, but don't take my Mango.
The point is that she didn't tell me and I didn't have time to replenish it.

Well my wonderful hubby jumps to the rescue and
said he'd go and pick one up.
But I stated, "It needs to be soft, plump and ripe."
Knowingly, he trotted off to town to find a mango.
The result?
Not just one Mango, but a box full.
I appreciated his act of kindness,
but I had no ripe Mango.

Well Judy, I hope to make that salad again some time,
the right way and
I'm waiting for another night of ROOK.

As a warning ladies, "Always carry a can of mandaring oranges."
You never know who might take that last mango.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. You want to know what's really frustrating about this? It wasn't a mango you needed at all. It was a papaya. snicker and a chuckle too.

    .. . .still laughing.

  2. I know that I need a papaya, but they are not always in season.....
    So I substitute the mango and it's also very yummy. I had made lots of the papaya dressing at Christmas, so I was just needing some fruit...
    OH well.

  3. Oh. . .okay. I can see that the mango would be really tasty in there especially if you had the papaya seeds in the dressing from a previous time.

    .. . it's okay . .I'm not laughing anymore.

  4. you girls are too funny. how about just plain and easy ceasar salad. you are thinking too fancy.

  5. I shall wait to try it with the mangos & papayas...but I thought it was just wonderful with mandarin oranges! So have you been eating a lot of mangos this past week, Marg?


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