Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Twilight Morning

I have been working on capturing the moon in the
twilight hours of the morning.
Generally I would be dead to the world at this time,
but this week was extra ordinary.
Usually it's been the sun that wakes me up,
but this last week around 7:00am,
the moon has been shining straight into our bedroom window.
It's been a great week to catch some beauty,
that only our Maker can create.

"So God made two large lights, He made the brighter light to
rule the day and made the smaller light to rule the night."

The reflections on our pond almost make it look like the setting evening sun.

But our bedroom faces the west side and isn't that a glamorous view?
Is that the sun or the moon? Then I zipped into my office which lies on the east side
and captured the twilight hours of the morning sun rising on the horizon.

God demonstrated power and love by creating.
With only a spoken word, God created everything around us.

Take time to think of our Creator today.
God was a tireless dreamer and designer.



  1. Oh what a beautiful view and thank you for reminding us of where the beauty began.

    Sometimes I think that the pictures of us taking pictures would be just as entertaining as the photos themselves. If only people could see me sometimes.

  2. Great pictures of the beautiful views we are so blessed with!

    Aren't digital cameras the greatest? I never worry about wasting a picture...just snap away, and then choose the best!


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