Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shape of an Angel

So what shape am I?
I've read enough blogs to see that everyone is concerned about their shape and their fitness program. Their is no description category that fits for me. Yup, I'm over 50!!
"I've realized that aging is inevitable, but growing up is optional."

I started last week Sunday with my pedometer and felt encouraged by my long walk, then I tied it to my ski pants and guess what? I lost it. So much for my fitness week.

We spent a few days skiing up at Sun Peaks and our last day was an amazing breakthrough in my final run of the day. As you can see the clock is posted at 4:00pm, and as I came around the last corner, on my homeward stretch, look what I captured!
It was an amazing sunset, smoke rising from all the hotels and the sun slowly slipping away as dusk was starting to draw nigh..There's no better feeling to ending a good day.

I need to share a moment...John & I ski together most of the time, but occasionally he will scoot down and wait at a certain point and this one time, I saw him whisk away full throttle down the hill, stuff flying out of his pockets disappearing into the air .. .. You guessed it.
It was his VISA Card. I stepped back up the hill to pick it up and thought to myself.
"He will be looking for this shortly. I'm going to play along..." I kept the card secured tightly in my pocket and of course he wondered what took me so long.

Then we sat down at the warmth of this log fireplace enjoying our bowl of soup. (Meanwhile I'm smirking and waiting for the big moment.) The waitress comes and drops the tab and I make one bee line to the washroom. When I returned I found this guy with his pants all unzipped, jacket pockets turned inside out, looking for his VISA card. The look on his face....said I better rescue him quickly.
I zipped the card out of my pocket and flashed it on the table and said, "Let's pay up!"
He looked at me with the strangest look and he knew immediately what took me so long.
We walked away from the table smiling and laughing and he thanked me for being an Angel.

So I'm back in the saddle and guess what I found on sale today? Boots? Clothes?
See you tomorrow.



  1. What a great story. What shape are you? I'd say an elf on skis.

  2. Oh Marg, you are so fun. I love that you had the patience to wait and not spill the beans until the right moment. I suspect you are good at telling jokes then too.

  3. So do you ski with your camera in hand? Nice pic's! (You are just lucky you never lost your camera...a pedometer one can live without, but a camera....never!)

    Thanks for the treat at Starbucks, Marg!


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