Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Out with the Old

Does anyone recognize these lovely booties?? They really date me and the other day when I went to Costco with a friend, guess what, she had taken along the same pair of booties just in case we would have to plunge through the slush. I know that I am an embarrassment to my family, they won't even walk with me in town. Nobody understands what these boots have sacrificed over the years. I can count on them, they keep my feet dry and warm. Where would you ever find another pair that would be so comfortable? They've had the pleasure of hauling kids up and down hills on toboggans. They have walked miles on a cold wintry day in search of hot chocolate to keep their little fingers warm. I've come to learn one thing about myself in the New Year. I'd fit a perfect case for belong to the "Attachment Theory" I thought that attachment may decrease as I got older, but I realized that our need for connection and relationship remain with us as long as we live. But what attaches me to my boots? Who knows. Is this what drives me?? But now I have no choice, Trust that man of mine! There was a brand new pair of boots under the tree and my first reaction was, "But what's wrong with my pink ones?" Everyone had a good laugh and guess what, I took them for a good hike up the Promontory Hill and down to the River through slush and snow. My feet stayed dry, the grip was excellent and so now I am the proud owner of a new pair of winter boots that work just perfect for our BC Slush! I'm slowly getting attached... But what do I do with those nice old boots? I always have a difficult time deciding what to do with things that give me comfort and warmth.
It's not only about boots, I too have been cleaning closets and offices...Yikes I'm up to here!
I better learn quickly, Out with the Old and In with the New.

I still have my tree up.....



  1. Ah, the new boots are really really nice. I don't have a proper pair of winter boots at all, it seems that everytime we have a snow I look in my closet to see what to put on. Hmm, maybe I can have the pink ones . .what size?

  2. I'm with you on the attachment theory! I had some old Cougar boots from the days when I stood out in the cold watching my little boys play soccer (a few days ago!!!) until very recently. Now I wear hiking boots, and hope I don't need boots with dress clothes. I'm waiting for spring to do my cleaning out...I have to many projects on the go right now.

  3. Hi. I'm Corinne, a friend of Lovella's and I have those same boots in purple. I didn't know there was anything wrong with them. In fact my good friend has matching ones to mine.

  4. I say save the pink boots for sledding in deep snow - and building snowmen. I like the new boots. The pink ones say PLAY TIME.

    Ya - what size? I don't have any high boots.

  5. Well for some of you who think they need these boots, they are a size 7.

    The first offer, in exchange for coffee, will be the proud owner.
    Are you really up to it???

    I didn't think anything was wrong either, except for that younger generation who has seen me wear them for years!!

  6. Oh no, I'm an eight and a healthy one at that.


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