Friday, January 11, 2008

Mission Accomplished!!

Well I decided to tackle a project that was two years over due. What a mess. We had remodelled our home two years ago and you know how stuff gets put away into boxes because you don't know what to do with it, but you can't leave go of it. (Feeling attached?)

I had all my family pictures, from when the children were small, in boxes knowing they needed a new wall and the wall has been sitting empty staring at me for two years. That's along time to carry guilt eh? So finally I decided these pictures needed a new home.

When you start a project like this, remember if you are married to a fussy German, you need the right tools. I thought just a hammer and nail would be great, but oh no, he had to go to town and buy this fancy new kit (just an excuse to by some new tools) with laser lighting and he mounted it on my NEW Tripod. I thought tripods were for cameras, but trust me he knew why he bought me that gift.

We open the package. "Why do we need so many tools? A STUD FINDER?
I found one many years ago. Why would we need another one? Why do we need these sun shades?

Why do we need technology, just to hang some pictures?"

Thanks to Judy, she saved my marriage. She suggested that I get a roll of news paper and trace my pictures on the paper (like Martha Stewart) and that way, they will look just perfect.

Sure enough, we just got started, and we started getting on each other's nerves, because we tend to problem solve differently. (I wonder why) But then I came up with this great idea about the paper and sure enough he ran to the barn and came back with a huge roll of chick paper. I only needed 12 feet.
I placed the pictures on the paper and delighted myself in using a tape measure making sure the pictures lined up perfectly with his laser. It actually started becoming fun! I even got him to put on the shades. I thought that we might get creative.

Everything needs to be mathematically calculated!!!

Laser light show! "Why don't you show your shades?"
"Germans are also conservative"
That pink line is the laser beam.

And the final drum roll...
I love to sit back on these rainy days and let my mind be filled with wonderful memories of my children when they were young. Oh Bliss....

Mission accomplished and now I wonder what favor he'll ask of me?
Hm..Maybe I can think of another wintry project for these rainy days.


  1. Sorry about the comment box. I think I cleared it up!! I must of hit the wrong button. Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. The photo display looks great! I'll have to come take a closer look sometime.


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