Thursday, January 3, 2008


~~~~~Leonard Aaron Schmidt
Jan3, 1958-1974

How quickly life can pass us by. The third day of January always has memories that flash back like yesterday. I was just newly married and had just invited my younger brother, Len and his good friends, Vic and Albert Schellenberg to go skiing to Manning, our favorite ski hill and of course these guys loved to drop in at our farm and
enjoy a home-made meal at the end of the day.

It was such a wonderful day, sun was shining and I could still see him skiing down the face of the Blue chair, spread eagle and all.

The next day at supper I received the call. "Len has gone to heaven"
We're never ready for that phone call. What on earth did this all mean?
Len was killed in a tragic farming accident that day,
(but I was just skiing with him the day before)
How does one make sense of this?

My God, yes my God is no stranger,
He's friendly and gay,
And he doesn't ask me to weep when I pray.
It seems that I pass Him so often each day,
In the faces of parents and friends each day.
He's the sun on the hay,
a grin on some faces,
He's a branch on a tree, a dandelion in a vase.
We had joy, we had fun,
We had seasons in the sun.

It's been 33 years, and this day passes by. We don't call each other any more, but again as I was skiing at Manning last week and going down the Blue face,
I'm reminded of my brother who left us, Oh, so early.
It's so wonderful to know that he was ready to meet his maker and someday we'll all be flying down the face together again.



  1. I have heard of your brother Len, and I must have seen a picture at your mom's place. What a shock of a phone call and a tremendous loss. Good thing - meething again. It becomes a more attracitve thought as time goes on - to me.

  2. How well I remember the moment I heard that sad news! I was sitting at my sewing machine and listening to the radio, when I heard news of a tragic farm accident...and then the name. One always hopes it's not someone you know! I remember your brother from all those times I spent at your place. I think he had a perpetual smile. How wonderful to know that one day you will see that smile again!

  3. Marg, Oh wow, I remember your brother and well remember when the tragedy happened. Seeing his face again . .wow, I had forgotten that this had happened in your family.
    I'm so thankful for you that healing has happened and more than that you'll see him again.
    Thank you for sharing this . . .


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