Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let's go Walking to Starbucks

~~~~I love waking up to a fresh blanket of snow. It reminds me that it's still winter.
I just want to linger having one more cup of coffee and maybe read or check out blogs.
Today my walking partner dumped me because there was 1" of snow....
I was already thinking, would I wear my pink boots or my new brown ones?
Decisions of the day, but maybe I'll scoot off to the gym instead.

Is there anybody who would like to join me and walk to Starbucks?
I'ts only 1/2 hour and then just sit around and chat...
drink latte's and then walk back or even jog to take off those extra calories.

While I'm waiting, I think I should take down my tree or do something more worthwhile.
Maybe go into town and check out the specials.

Have a good day friends and enjoy the snowfall.



  1. My walking partner dumped me yesterday too because of the snow. I was all ready to put on my beautiful boots. I guess my kids are too young to think my boots are out of style. Have a great day.

  2. It looks like my green rubber boots with the hot pink liner would be more appropriate for today's weather...just not that great for walking any distance. Give me a call next time you get dumped...I'll be your substitute walking partner!

  3. Well, I have my rubber barn boots and once again, it's a good thing.
    Walking to Starbucks, how awesome. I could maybe make it as far as our closest one but I'd be calling for a ride home.

  4. Marg, for some reason there is no place to post a comment in your new picture post. I did want to tell you that you did an awesome job. Good job for Judy to tell you the hint. It would have seemed like a huge unsurmountable task to me too.
    I hope your comment field wakes up and joins the rest of your post.


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