Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dare for the New Year


Happy New Year to all my bloggers who remain in hiding.
It's so much fun to hear them say, "Hey, I follow your blog"....
Does that sound familiar to other bloggers??

Do any of you actually recognize yourselves and dare to own up??

We celebrated with friends who have been there for us for 35+ years. That really ages us doesn't it? But when we're all together it's just so safe and comfortable and we all love to have a good laugh and party.
I've come to realize that over the years there's nothing better than to hang out with people who care about what's happening.

It's a group that has been there for each other during the early child-rearing years, through the youth/teenage years and now we're having weddings and grandchildren and yet we all love to catch up and find out where we're all at. We've cried with each other through difficult times, we have laughed with each other, sometimes we've disappointed each other by the choices that we made, but we've all blazed our own trails, and still we all hang onto a strong heritage, our belief in God. I value these long-lasting friendships and look forward to more good times together.

"Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver and the other gold!!"

Thanks for your on-going friendships.
(Remember I'm here to help you set up your blogs and be part of Blogland.)



  1. Now that is a good time a-happening! You are so very right about the value of long-time friends...very precious indeed!


  2. Friends are a treasure...I agree! But I'm wondering if you could 'blow up' the photo a little. Do I know any of those people?

  3. I enlarged the photo to have a look and I saw a few I recognized.
    Tell me you had a theme party because those party clothes were quite interesting.
    Oh long term friendships are indeed very valuable.

  4. That was some party! It's great to be able to celebrate and share great times with special friends.


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