Thursday, January 31, 2008

Confessions of a True Snow Day!!

I love the Snow and yesterday was a fantastic SNOW DAY.
I stayed home and played on my computer all day.
This is very unusual for me to even think about learning new stuff,
but the opportunity came and I thought, "Why Not?"
It was so much fun when I was young and the schools were closed.
Yippee....and we all played in the snow. Great fond memories.

Finally I took a break and took my camera to capture the extent of the snow storm.
Drifting snow accumulated in the ditches.

A real blizzard on our old homestead.
If you look closely, it's snow flying in the air.
Snow piled up in places as tall as myself.
(unfortunately, my posing in the snow was deleted..)
Then we toured the flats and had a bowl of soup at the Wildcat Grill.
It's our favorite hang out place in that neck of the woods.
When I entered, I was debating, should we eat outside,
but as you can see, the snow lay heavily anchored on all the tables,
which in the summer give us the perfect view of country life at it's best.
I guess we'll wait for spring time when things are thawed out once again.
Favorite shot of the Day!

Before I went to bed, I had to capture that beautiful Christmas tree outside and thought,
"There's a real advantage to recycling."

Well this brings my Snowy Day to an end and through it all, I was able to reflect.
I used to play in the snow, read books all day, bake my families favorite things,
and even pull up a stitch or so.
But now I'm content playing on my computer and enjoying photography.
I love every stage of life!



  1. It looks like I'll have to stay awhile and check out your fun! I'll 'ditto' your remarks about the Wildcat...we like to frequent that place as well. Sounds like a fabulous snow day to me!

  2. I wish I still got snow days. It is beautiful though. Stay warm and have a great weekend.

  3. Marg, your favorite shot of the day is wonderful. It truly captures the north eastern blowing in the valley.

    It sounds like you had the perfect snow day.

  4. Your favorite photo is mine too. I love the look of the drifed snow (from my chair in front of my computer in SoCal!).


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