Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Breaking Traditions

Happy New Year to all of you.

I love those Portzelky. They are filled with all the nutrients that my body craves, but at the same time, it doesn't allow me to be honest with my New Years Resolutions, which I break in three days anyways.

But this year I decided to patronize our local Dutch Deli, called Hofstede's. They make the best traditional Olliebollen every year and why bother with all that hot fat splashing all over my stove. So I picked up a few dozen and dropped them off at my kids, and they had no idea that I didn't bake them myself, and yet they just loved the fact that I brought them over.

I tried something new. It has no big significance, but it's a recipe that one of my aunt's has made for many years and is not able to make these European cookies anymore. I received the cookie cutters at our gift exchange on Dec.29th and decided that I would take the time to make these for New Years.

Yes, it takes a long time to cut them all out, with all those little shapes, and it takes time and patience to make sure they are thin enough. But what I really treasured and valued, is the time, that she prioritized to bring pleasure and smiles to all. The room was filled with warmth when she entered the door with her specialty. It's a treasure from her heart.

Sprinkle a little bit of icing sugar and they look like Martha S. made them.

As you can imagine there are many smaller thin cut outs. Guess who loved cutting the final pieces of dough and eating them as fast as he could? He was snitching them whenever I wasn't looking and letting me know that he was growing taller and taller.

He got to take those home for his new-born baby brother.

Baking is no fun unless you can share it with a friend.

Another year has slipped away. Remember it's OK to break traditions but keep them alive by creating new ones.
It makes me wonder what will I leave behind? I hope that it will be a legacy of faith, and a life filled with laughter and love, sprinkled with icing sugar on the side.



  1. ...such yummy cookies...thank you for sharing. elma

  2. I'm just popping to see what's new at your place today! Those cookies look wonderful...but I can see where you needed a helper.

    So you delivered the olliebollen without even trying one? Now that is unbelievable! I won't even admit how many I ate yesterday...and more today. I made no New Year's resolutions, so I'm still eating!

  3. Oh Marg,those cookies look just wonderful. I bought one of those little cutters for next year. Hmm . .maybe I'll have to test it out.


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