Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cutting Down The Family Tree

~~~~~It was a beautiful sunny dry day, the perfect day to drive out to the end of the valley and chop down a tree. It had become a tradition way back when our kids were young to invite all the cousins and go up the mountains and chop down trees, but over the years all the regulations have changed and so have our kids.

But now we decided to started a new tradition and that's to invite the grandkids and away we go.....When I called up Big M he was ready and raring to go help his Opa cut down the Christmas tree. Without any hesitation he let us know that Baby M had to stay at home this year. He is quite protective of his time with us!

As you can see, chopping down a tree for us means having a family meeting, viewing all the trees and trying to figure out which one will fit perfectly for Marg. The discussions go back and forth, should it be a Fraser River Fir, or an Alpine Fir or a Nobel Fir?
And then what size should it be? Does it fit in our pickup?

We walked up and down the beautiful snow filled meadows until we saw
what we thought was the perfect tree.

Down on all hands and knees, both of them started
cutting and grinding away...

Cutting this tree took a a whole team effort,
until after a few minutes the little guy pipes up..

"Opa? Why don't you use a motor?"
You can see the expression on my husbands face thinking, "How does a 4-year old understand anything about motors? My husband has always had a thing for motors, that if there's a motor, then use it....Why would one stand and peel potatoes for an hour? There must be some kind of invention out there to simplify the task. I think he was totally blown away,
surprised and shocked that his grandson was thinking similar thoughts.

I'm somewhat more resistant to thinking about motors. I prefer that they still slip and slide on the ice, while I make them a cup of hot chocolate with some fresh ginger snaps.
Keep them young!!



  1. Guys and their motors! Chainsaws and motorbikes...there was a time when my hubby thought those were essentials for camping. He's come around & leaves his motors behind now-a-days!

    It looks like a good time was had by all...but what kind of tree did you decide on? I have no idea what variety ours is.

  2. Oh Marg that is so sweet. Why don't you use a motor? I suppose there are not many things we use without motors anymore. Such a precious little boy.

  3. Marg, your new header is beautiful. I love that view, thank you for sharing it with us . . .


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