Friday, December 14, 2007

To Do List!!


It just seems like there is so much to do, and I want to sit down and blog and then I look at my "To Do List" and I keep plugging along. The list seems to get longer and longer, but now my hubby finally escaped to the barn and no one can watch what I do with my time...(I just have to make sure that by the time he gets back, it looks like I've done something.)
I just plugged in my favorite Christmas CD's , Groban, Diana Krall, Frank Connick Jr., Celine Dion, and Debbie Fortnum.

We're hosting the annual Schmidt House Christmas Gathering at our home and so the pressure is on, to figure out all those little details that make everybody have a memorable family Christmas gathering.

This year we're playing BINGO as a replacement for the gift exchange. Everybody can play BINGO, young and old. Our family was getting tired of the old gift exchange by number, so this year everybody will bring an unwrapped present that they would like to take home, and then when they hit the jackpot they can choose to take any gift under the tree, or choose the Mystery gift. ( I wrapped three gifts of the same value.) So as the game goes on, we'll be saying, "Deal or No Deal" Choices are always lots of fun and the wonder of an unwrapped gift will keep the suspense in the air.

Secondly, this year we have a door prize for the one with the closest weather prediction.
The Schmidt Family always engages in lengthy conversations about weather patterns, where they are developing and so, three weeks ago, they had to submit their weather predictions and now John has entered the data on the computer with lows and highs, precipitation amounts, winds, and the winner closest to the local weather network station report for Saturday, Dec. 15th will go home with a door prize.

Oops! I just saw the truck come home, he's back too early,..I'll turn on the vacum cleaner..
Anyways, I buttered him up with coffee and shortbread.

I think we're off to get the Big Turkey and finish off some shopping in town. I think I'll take my Keg gift certificate along and suggest that eating out sounds better than left overs.

"Making a list, checking it twice..."



  1. Marg, that is so funny! That's exactly how I feel when I'm frittering away my time 'blogging' when there's always so much else I should be doing.
    So is your big gathering tomorrow? Let me know how the bingo gift exchange goes...that sounds like fun! Maybe I could borrow your number bin for Sunday night(if you are finished with it)...we are having another group of friends in that night.

    I'll put my money on Vic for the winner of the weather prediction contest!

  2. Oh Marg, I feel like I need to make a list too. I've been slow on visiting blogs but then you know how it is with new babes.
    Your list is so cute, I wish I had come up with the idea to blog it.
    Enjoy that get together, oh and I love the weather predicting.

  3. Lovely blog Marg. I think I'll try your candle in the orange idea. If you put cloves in them you could use them as pomanders too.

    I have the same feeling - sometimes the long list paralyzes me and I have to really push to keep myself plugging away at it.


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