Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simple Things

I remember my first Christmas as a married women. We were going to his side of the family and I was all excited about traditions of the European culture.
When I walked into the dining room, I remember the table lit up with a simple wreath with four candles and their were oranges with candles placed around the table.
I asked "What's this all about?"
Well I realized quickly that there were many small grandchildren ranging anywhere from 2-12 years of age. The oranges represented table seating arrangements for the children

How festive, How simple!
(Take off the stem and push a thin Ikea candle right through the stem of a mandarin orange.)

Since then, I have continued setting oranges and candles while my children were small and today anyone who is young enough will also enjoy an orange candle.
Watch there eyes light up. "Oranges with candles?"

On Sunday I set up two orange settings, for both my M&M's
Take time to enjoy the simple things in life.



  1. I like it! Here's my question though... are oranges not somewhat tipsy? Or do you flatten the bottom? I'm doing our family turkey dinner for tomorrow night, so I need to figure how to decorate the table!

    I love the advent wreath.

  2. I may win with my two entries - but Lovella is pretty smart so I might be disqualified! You KNOW it was an accident :)

    I've never heard of oranges and candles - I like them.

  3. Love the candle in the mandarin orange idea! Such a simple decoration and practical too. Thanks for sharing! Elsie

  4. That is just the nicest idea. So simple but a wonderful tradition.


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