Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa's Elf Comes to Save Me

Alas, the final preparations are being pieced together this afternoon. I called up my favorite little elf, invited him for an afternoon to help me put the final touches to our home so that his parents could catch up on any last minute things. My little elf was more than happy to be able to light the last candle today. Finally he got a turn!!
Then it was time to bake the last batch of "Pepper Nuts" or Pheffernusse, to make sure they would be nice and fresh, as that's the favorite when they all come home. He slapped his hands into the butter as he rolled out his long snake, then he started to cut them, all shapes and sizes, little one's for Baby M and large ones for Mommy and Daddy.

Then we put the finishing touches to the name tags under the tree
making sure no one was missed.

Opa & Daddy & Jacob & Mommy & Silas

Decorating the tree this year has been my challenge. I started with tinsel and then decided it was outdated, ripped it off and found some kind of decoration that I thought was unique, wintry and simple, and I made sure that it looked just like my little elf had help me.
I'm so greatful to my little helper.

We can't forget the Hazelnut Roll. We whipped it up and licked the whipping cream and nougat filling together! You can imagine who wore most of the whipping cream on his face.
This dessert is our family favorite which needs to be hidden, otherwise the big elves will sneak it during the night-time.
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

By now, it was time to take a break and watch his favorite show. "A Fruitcake Christmas," by Hermie & Friends. Max Lucado is the narrator and his message is so simple and clear to help little ones understand that the true meaning of Christmas is nothing but God's gift to us.
While we were watching he says,
"Oma, Can God really talk to me?"
It's so precious to hear his sensitivity to God's voice.
Isn't that the true message of Christmas? Let's take time to let God talk to all of us this Christmas Season.


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  1. Enjoy your precious little elf this Christmas...even elves grow up way too fast!

    Thanks for the reminder to 'listen' to God talking this Christmas...we might need to 'Be Still' for a time!


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